Not Nervous for No Reason - Aria MacDonald

Not Nervous for No Reason

Well I guess it might go to show that we know our little girl pretty well, or it might show how delicate our little darling is, but either way our nervousness was not misplaced and Aria is back in hospital.

Aria’s symptoms continued to get worse today and we decided to take preemptive action and get her looked at in Starship. They decided to keep her in to keep her hydrated and to try and get rid of whatever nasties may be lurking around. We suspect it is the same issue that has had us in there the last couple of times.

Little Aria isn’t her normal self, making Mum and Dad work extra hard to get the smiles that she is normally so generous with. Even when she is sick she is still the charmer waving to each new face that comes to see her, and then waving goodbye to them when they are going or when she wants them to leave (if they are doing things to her she isn’t so keen on). She has quite the little fan club building around the Ship, with Drs and nurses she charmed previous times she was in, popping in to say hello and to wonder at how well she is doing and how big she has got.

I will keep the website up-to-date, please pray for a quick resolution and homecoming and for Anita as she attempts to cope with the business of the hospital and the weariness of pregnancy.

Thanks for your love and support, Hamish

4 Responses to “Not Nervous for No Reason”

  1. Stephanie van Garderen says:

    Hi Hamish,
    We continue to pray for you all and hope that Anita & Aria will be back home soon. Also that Anita is feeling well and that she has enough strength to keep her going.
    Lots of love,
    Steph van Garderen

  2. Lou says:

    Hey Ham, Anita n beautiful Aria,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. I hope Aria will be back to her normal bubbly self in no time. If there is anything I can do for you guys please don’t hesitate to let me know. God bless, luv Lou xox

  3. jen says:

    oh no Im sori still its a good place if shes not well
    Im praying for a speedy recovery
    also praying that Anita manages to take it easy

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