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Home again Home again

We are home! 

We spent most of the day getting Aria’s iron levels topped up.  Iron infusion appears to be a dirty world in Aria’s world.  Dr E always books us in to have an infusion done and what do you know Miss Aria gets sick and we have to cancel it.  Bugs love iron so it isn’t a good idea to give them more stuff to feast on.  Last night Aria had a wee temperature flicker and then again this morning.  Gave us a bit of a scare and it looked like today’s plan to infuse iron was in doubt.  But nothing came of it and it settled so we went ahead YAY!

Thanks to Hamish’s very supportive workplace he had been around a lot this week which has been fantastic!  Aria has been really pretty grumpy and bothered due to lack of TPN and only fluid.  Today she was totally back to normal which is a huge relief, although she must of been fairly down cause she invented a new scream/cry that we haven’t heard since the new line was put in.

We are back doing 6 hourly antibiotics at home meaning 3am wake up calls but it is only for 4 days so that is ok!  It is great to be home so we can manage.

Thanks for your support!

3 Responses to “Home again Home again”

  1. Jodee says:

    Welcome home Aria!!!

  2. Samantha says:

    Yaaay back home. I am so thrilled for you guys. It must be nice to sleep in your own bed again, but I know you will miss the ‘hotel’!!! Sorry couldn’t resist. Take care, and get well really fast Aria.

  3. jen says:


    God is good

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