Oh dear - Aria MacDonald

Oh dear

Unless you have checked Aria’s site in the past 12 hours you might of missed this post.  The post was rejoicing over the fact Aria was home.

It was not to be.

Aria’s temp spiked during the night and this morning and we have had to take her back.  Because she was only discharged overnight her room was still clear so we went straight back to the ward instead of ED which was great.

We are so very disappointed and concerned as to what is causing this new temp.  Surely it can’t be a line infection because she has a brand new line in!!!  Anyway please keep us in your prayers, we are so sad about Aria being sick again.  She has had a very difficult week just gone.

Hamish is off today which is great, he works most Saturdays and was supposed to work today.  His work was looking for people to take leave today and he said ‘yes please’ thinking it would be great family time at home to recover from the past week.  Our Dr E is on next week which is another bright spot in the whole affair although fair to say she must be tiring of us!

We are desperately holding to to our faith and trust in God that He knows and has planned all things.  But the constant and seemingly unrelentless drama of our lives is making it hard. 

I should end on a good note.  Please keep praying and your words of support make a big difference.  Thank you for checking in.

3 Responses to “Oh dear”

  1. Susan says:

    I was suddenly wondering how Aria was doing. Just read your last few posts and certainly will be praying that the new line is ok and Aria gets home real soon!

  2. Kate says:

    Thinking of you guys, what a shame. This thing has happened to us many times and you think its never going to end, but it will. Stay strong. I remember many times my husband saying our lives are like living in a circus. Take a deep breath and keep telling yourself you will get through this.
    We are always thinking of you.

    Kate and James Chapman

  3. jen says:

    Im so sori

    praying for Aria and strength to endure all this

    Praise the Lord that Hamish can be with you

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