Life is changing! - Aria MacDonald

Life is changing!

Wow it feels like life with Aria has changed hugely in the past week or so!


She is finally mobile!!!!!

She has bum shuffling down to a fine art and can get places pretty quick. Crawling for Aria just isn’t a happening thing. She has always hated being on her tummy and who wouldn’t with 3 surgeries and a tube poking out your tum.

Anyway so my days of know-she-is-in-the-same-place-I-left-her are over. But on the plus side so are the days of pointing to a toy and grizzling until she got it. Now she can get it herself!!

Also her bed times have changed. She is up an extra hour now. We connect her to TPN at 6pm and she goes to bed at 7pm. So it makes for an interesting hour as we follow her along with her pole trying not to get tangled and her line caught (a little scary to be honest). Yes we have a name for the pole too – Aunty Pole. I will explain why in my next post! Actually the pole is pretty cool, I will post a pic too.

We are getting a bit slack at these posts! Our weeks are so busy. Yesterday we went to the Parent and Child Show with Sam (mum of Lara who had the liver transplant). It was awesome, met so many people who came up to me and said ‘it this Aria?’. Yay so many people are supporting our wee girl! It is so heartwarming!

3 Responses to “Life is changing!”

  1. jen says:

    and shes still well YAYE :) :) :)

    I was a bum shuffler too apparently
    must be nice for her to be mobile WTG precious

  2. Lisa says:

    How exciting – and bum shuffling is soooo cute!!!! Go Aria!! Great to hear you have an awesome day out and the parent and child show, even better to hear that you are all well!!! Hope that you are feeling great Anita, cant be too long to go now!!! Keeping you all in our thoughts – have a fabulous week! (and the sun is shining this morning, yay!!!)

  3. Jodee says:

    What a star Aria – Soon you’ll be signing autographs.
    Matisse was a bum shuffler too! Great to hear you are out and about and not at the big H.

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