Good news and Bad news - Aria MacDonald

Good news and Bad news

Good news, Aria has a ‘nice’ type of Staph infection in her line.  Nice being that unlike Staph Aureus (the one she had last time), this Staph, Staph epidermidis doesn’t seed.  That is, it doesn’t spread around the body and attach itself to heart valves and bones etc etc.

 Bad news it that it is treated with a type of ABX that is rough on the kidneys and her kidney state is pretty precious.  We will need to test the levels on the ABX in her blood and adjust the dose.  Which means we won’t be going home as soon as we had hoped.  And Miss Aria has to have finger pricks to test the levels :( Ouchie, poor bubba.

It is pretty tough this time around with two babies to care for.  Pretty much Hamish looks after Aria and I look after Asher.  Each of us misses the other baby and each other.  But we will cope somehow.

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  1. jen says:

    God will pull you through
    Im praying for you all

  2. Lisa says:

    I feel for you guys missing the other baby and missing each other! Sometimes life is just never simple, but the challanges you face now juggling kids, will become easier for you, and neither child will suffer! All they need is their parents, and you guys do a wonderful job. Keep on keeping on family, you are amazing and we keep you in our thoughts.

  3. Caroline Saunders says:

    We have not meet although we heard about Aria from Samantha (Lara’s Mum) & we saw you at the Kids Foundation Christmas Party.

    We have recently experienced similiar feelings to that of what you are going through at the moment with the birth of Asher & the reflection on your journey with Aria.

    Our first child Keira was born May 2005 & was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia at 7 days old, had kasai at 8 days old. Luckily for us Keira’s surgery has been successful thus not requiring transplant but it was a tough ride none the less. We have since been blessed with the arrival of our son Noah in September of 2007, weighing a hefty 9lbs 9oz similar to Asher.

    Such a different experience as you said second child yet first time parents. I can only imagine how difficult this must been considering what lies ahead for Aria but what a beautiful family you have, lovely pics of the two of them. Treasure your relationship together the strength within our marriage was something we truly relied on & found was extremely important in getting us through the tough times.

    Wishing you all the best & we look forward to following Aria’s journey toward transplant.

    God Bless
    Caroline, Anton, Keira & Noah Saunders

  4. visit says:

    You have a great website. Keep up the good work.

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