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We are home

Phew, what a busy few days!

We are home, yay!  On once a day antibiotics which is nice although the process is a bit more full on than our past home antibiotic experiences.  Still Starship has worked hard to get us home and have made provisions for us so that is nice.

Gosh it has been a hard four days, feels like a month!  Glad to be home and it all behind us.

4 Responses to “We are home”

  1. jen says:

    yaye hope and pray that things settle down for a while

  2. Nyle says:

    Glad you made it home. Its so much easier and less stressfull all round.

  3. Jodee & Matisse says:

    Welcome home Aria!!!!

  4. Samantha says:

    Oh well done – I am so glad you are home at last. I have been catching up on your posts now we are home and felt so sad when I read you had been looking back on how many times you had been admitted last year with Aria. I tried to do that too, but honestly I have now decided that looking back too much is painful. My resolution (probably the only one I have ever made!) is to only look forward, I cannot change the past but look forward to a bright future for Lara and for Aria and Asher.

    Always thinking of you with much love in my heart. xxxx

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