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Grumpy.  Sometimes I feel grumpy (don’t we all).  I was telling Dr E I was a grump.  We still don’t have any answers to Aria’s kidney function.  The transplant date will be set when we have some idea of Aria’s kidney function whether it be good or bad.  We had hoped to get test results back in Jan.  We have got them back but they are inconclusive. 

 Truth be told though we are not really grumpy.  Although I am grumpy that Aria’s antibiotics mean we can’t really do much this weekend or this week.  They are twice a day and take an hour and a half each time.  Although getting some perspective on the situation, they increased the dose to twice a day because Aria’s kidneys where processing the doses so well.   Which might mean they are functioning okish.

Anyway we are in no hurry to go to transplant.  Bowel transplants are risky and the operation that might save her life might also end it.  Still it is the only option for Aria to live so we step out in faith.  When exactly we will be stepping out is not for us to know at this stage.  It will be revealed in good time, Gods time, which is always perfect.  Till then we are to be patience.  And not grumpy :)

5 Responses to “Grumpy”

  1. jen says:

    its not easy being a parent of a child with any kind of special needs
    I am a parent to a son who has numerous learning difficulties

    my thoughts and prayers are with you all

    God knows the difficulties but He also knew what he was doing when he placed your special little girl with you both

    trust in the Lord

    love lots

  2. Ali says:

    Sometimes it’s just tougher than normal, aye? My thoughts are with you guys.

  3. ivana says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be strong (as always), you are an inspiration!

  4. Aria MacDonald says:

    [...] case you missed my last post entitled Grumpy click HERE.  It contains an update about transplant timing or lack of it!!  Ignore the rest of it though [...]

  5. Iliganoa - praying with you says:

    praying with you Anita and Hamish – God bless you this year and forever.

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