Post 123 - Aria MacDonald

Post 123

In case you missed my last post entitled Grumpy click HERE. It contains an update about transplant timing or lack of it!! Ignore the rest of it though because we had a great weekend despite me being convinced antibiotics would keep us chained to the house and poor Aria chained to the pump.

After the morning dose we went to Sylvia Park for a bit of shopping with Aunty Alex. We decided to stop at a cafe and have lunch. Aria was so well behaved. She sat on the seat next to Hamish at the table and played so nicely. Who would think an 18 month old would be such a great lunch date companion? She is so funny as she pulls faces and laughs away at random stuff. They gave her a takeaway coffee cup to drink water out of. She drank water like a big girl and held her cup with her little finger in the air, so funny. We greatly enjoyed her company and it was a nice change to the previous weekend when she was hot and not feeling so great. Asher was also well behaved and slept the whole time in the pram. We have such great kids.

Sunday was good too being at home and doing family stuff. Aria’s fave movie is The Country Bears. She saw the last five minutes of it on TV once and loved it. Since then she would hold up her plastic grizzly bear figure and point to the TV. So we got it for her for Christmas. She doesn’t really watch it just likes to see the bears singing in the bonus features. Her other hero at the moment is Mr Strong from the Mr Men series, she loves the books but Mr Strong is the fave. It is quite interesting to see her take an interest in different things.

6 Responses to “Post 123”

  1. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Great to see you’re feeling better Anita!

  2. jen says:

    what a good girl
    pleased you had a good weekend

  3. Lisa says:

    I just loved the Grumpy post! So well written. I am often grumpy and impatient and I dont have an unwell child. I am regularly moved by your posts, your honesty, and how grateful you are for your beautiful family, and how dedicated you are to doing everything you can to give Aria her deserved chance. You have fought for her survival and you have a beautiful daughter to show for your efforts, and those efforts in the future will continue to reward you, I am sure. And if it takes you being a little grumpy and a little impatient at times, then so be it!
    So great to hear that your weekend went well after all!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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