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Kidneys and Quiet Time

I am enjoying a moment of quiet while both kids are asleep at the same time!  Yes it is 9.30 and Aria is asleep. She has started this habit of waking up in a real grump at 6am and demanding to get up.  Yikes, we get her up for about 2 hours, which is as long as we can stand the yelling and when her pump finishes and back to bed!  Then she sleeps and wakes up an entirely different person.  But I hope this stops soon or she isn’t brewing yet another ‘something’ in her line.

We have a kidney ultrasound on the 29th of Jan.  Will be a big day, with clinic also that day and Ashers 6 week shots poor boy.  Hopefully the results of that ultrasound will give us some answers, finally, to the state of her kidneys and when transplant might be.

 Thanks for checking in on us!

3 Responses to “Kidneys and Quiet Time”

  1. jen says:

    My Little Man wakes at 530 or 630 has a bottle of milk then goes back to sleep and sleeps in
    do you think I can do this too?
    No :( I dont go back to sleep :(

    praying for the 29th and for all of you

  2. Iliganoa - praying with you says:

    What can I say – you guys are all tough – more than conquerors through Him who loves us – All glory to God!

  3. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Best of luck Anita, you’re all in my thoughts.

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