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In case you missed last nights post Aria is back in hospital with a high temp.  Not sure what is wrong.  Praying hard it is not a line infection!!

Aria and Hamish went in to ED at 9pm last night and got on the ward at 3am.  So they are pretty sleep deprived, particulary Hamish.  Now Mr Asher is on the scene it for me to go and relieve him.  So things are going to be pretty tough for the next year.

Still we wouldn’t send Asher or Aria back :)   Never in a million years.  Both kids are fab.

Please pray for Aria, she has a rough time.  She is really hot and feeling bad.

I wish I hadn’t done that….

This evening Aria’s temp is bubbling away in the 37s.  Not good.  We are guessing this weekend is going to spent in Starship.  It will be the first hospital admission since Asher’s birth and Hamish and I are wondering how we are going to cope.

 I decided to go thru our blog enteries and do up a little spreadsheet of a 2006 calendar to see exactly how much time Aria spent in hospital last year.  I wish I hadn’t.  I now realise that there was only 3 months of last year were she didn’t spend at least one day in hospital.  It is a rough calulation but aprox 64 days were spent in hospital.

We knew last year was tough but didn’t realise it was that bad. 

We are praying 2008 will be a better year, but it isn’t starting off so well :(

 UPDATE:  Aria’s temp is 39.5 so we went in to Starship ED tonight.  Grim, we are feeling down and bad for our little girl.  Hamish isn’t likely to get much sleep either as we don’t normally get to the ward until the wee hours.

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2008!

It will be an interesting year for us this year, soon we should know when we are off to transplant.   Will it be this year?  Might we be spending Christmas ’08 in America?  Lots of questions but we are not worried about the answers.  God knows and He will let us know when the time is right.

Aria is doing good.  The hot weather is making it hard for her to sleep so she is a little cranky but other than that she is fine.  She is a great big sister although we are trying to teach her to be gentle and Asher doesn’t much like having his eyes poked.  Asher is doing great too, gained 300 grams last week!  He seems to have a calm nature like his sister, hardly crys or gets fussy.  It seems like we have been blessed with two lovely kids.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11