Nothing much to say really but… - Aria MacDonald

Nothing much to say really but…

……we are having a grand time at home. Buckets of fun. Aria is doing really well and is very well in herself. Her progress is great and we are so excited. Suddenly her resistance to standing and trying to walk is gone and she is doing very well. She wakes up every morning happy and laughing which makes a huge change to when she is sick.

Speaking of home, I was bemoaning my lack of time to do that housework to my good buddy Sam who understands these things. I was looking at my diary and thinking about my time. I was trying to figure out how much extra stuff I do because of Aria. This week for example I have about 5 hours of extra appointments plus another two hours of regular appointments.

Anyway don’t get me wrong, I am happy to do them all. Aria has been going to a speech therapy clinic on Wednesdays which she loves. I am a little bummed cause my friends are planning to go to the movies, to a Mum and Bubs session which unfortunately is only on at pretty much the same time as Aria’s clinic. Still Aria loves it and it is good for her to learn new stuff. Plus Aunty Megan is kind enough to watch Asher while we go so it is nice one on one time for me and Missy.

Anyway Sam and I are planning a girlie night, leaving the kids at home with our Hamishs. Both of us are very blessed to having lovely Hamishs for husbands. Both of them are supportive in us have time out which is great. Yay

2 Responses to “Nothing much to say really but…”

  1. Lisa says:

    So wonderful to hear that Aria is doing so fabulously!! And keener to stand and try to walk!!! She will be off and away in no time!! 7 hours of appointments all in one day would take a day off your week, but individually i imagine they really break up each day. Have a wonderful week, hope that girlie night out happens soon!!! Lisa

  2. jen says:

    pleased to hear Aria is so well

    bless Aunty Megan

    enjoy that time out

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