Will we make it? - Aria MacDonald

Will we make it?

So I got a letter in the mail this next for Aria’s next clinic appointment- it is on the 1st of April. So if we make it to that then March would of been hospital free! It is scary when you are hoping not to have one month that isn’t tainted by a hospital stay. It means that Aria is in hospital every month :(

So we are saying prayers and hoping that March will be Hospital Free Month :)

This Sunday Asher is being baptised. I am trying not to be to emotional about this. Aria’s baptism took place at Auckland Hospital in the chapel two days after we got her diagnosis. At that point we still thought it was the end and we should get her ‘done’ sooner rather than later. Asher will be baptised at church without the air of grief that Aria’s baptism had. Anyway it is a given that I will cry but hey happy tears this time!!

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  1. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    That’s so awesome – I was just thinking today that you had been quiet – in a really really good way though!

    Best of luck for Asher’s baptism. It will have a whole different vibe to it, but God will be just as present!!

    God Bless xoxoxo

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