He is Risen! - Aria MacDonald

He is Risen!

Happy Easter Sunday, the day we celebrate our Saviour’s victory over death.   We love this day, it reminds us that God can defeat death, then how much more he defeat Aganglionosis!

This weekend has been great.  Hamish has had four day off, Aria is well and doing Great Great GREAT!!  Asher is a darling as always.  I have been ready a most wonderful book that has really helped me finally accept and embrace our difficult situation.

Anyway there is much to share but for today I will leave it here.

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4 Responses to “He is Risen!”

  1. jen says:

    Happy Easter to you all too
    Indeed He can!!!
    I am praying for each one of you as always

    sounds like a great book what was it called?

    lots of love and many prayers

  2. Steve Lavey says:

    I love your post on Easter Sunday — HE IS RISEN INDEED!

    I am still amazed that there are a number of people who would argue that Jesus did not have to have a bodily resurrection or some even argue that Jesus’ death alone was enough, but we agree with Paul when he tells us that anything short of a bodily resurrection ignores the victory of God.

    God does not want to just rescue people from this material world — God wants to restore all things. God CHOSE to send His son to die on the cross for OUR sins.

    Jesus’ resurrection reminds us of three things

    God has defeated death.
    God has defeated evil.
    God has begun His redemptive work.

    BTW — My wife and I took a year off in 1996 to travel the world and have always said NZ was our favorite — we spent five weeks there!

  3. Natalie says:

    I had my boy baptised – what a special time that was – The power of god is amazing aye

  4. win now says:

    Hi there, I must say that you have done a wonderful job on your site and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, I thank you for sharing it with me…

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