Aria’s first big game. - Aria MacDonald

Aria’s first big game.

Yesterday Aria experienced another first as Aria, her Nana Mac, and I (dad) went to see the Vodafone Warriors first home game for the year.

 We were a little uncertain if she was old enough to go to the game as it is a long time to sit still and a lot of noise but we decided that it was good to give Aria new experiences and it would be nice for three generations of MacDonalds to have a day out together.

 Anyway we rocked up to the Stadium without tickets intending to buy some to sit on the grass embankment at the Northern end. As we got close to the stadium pushing Aria’s buggy along, a police car pulls up beside us and asks if we are going to the game. We said we were and they ask if had any tickets. We didn’t so they offered us some tickets, although they said they were ‘only’ tickets for the South and North stands, we eagerly accepted these as they were exactly what we wanted in the first place. Amazing how blessed we are even in such little ways.

 So we got onto the bank and found a nice space to sit, folded down the buggy so the handles were in front of Aria and started to watch the game. Aria played with some toys we had brought along, did stickering and drawing, did some standing, had drinks from her water bottle and looked around at all the people. We asked her if she could see the people on the big grass field and she pointed to the players, and we told her they were playing league.

 We were most impressed when she happily sat and watched for nearly the whole first half. She then went for walks with me and Nana for the rest of the game, in and around the stadium and down at ground level. Never once did the crowds or the noise bother her, She behaved impeccably.

 It was great for Nana and I to have Aria with us, a wonderful day out. For Aria I think the highlight was a piece of waffle cone that we gave her to play with, it ended up all over her.

Just another example for us of how great Aria’s nature is.

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3 Responses to “Aria’s first big game.”

  1. Lisa says:

    So thrilled to read that Aria is healthy and happy, and that this month is going so well for you all. Sounds like Dad had a great day out at the rugby with his little girl! Hope that you have had a lovely easter together (first one with two kids!!) and that the rest of this week continues to be a great one.

  2. Dawn says:

    Excellent……. Sounds Awesome and the result was certinally better than the previous week when they played here in Melbourne.

    Lets hope this is the first of Many daddy daughter warriors games

  3. Samantha says:

    Good things happen to good people!
    Well done Aria on coping with such a great outing.

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