It’s April and it’s official AND Big News Post 1 of 3 - Aria MacDonald

It’s April and it’s official AND Big News Post 1 of 3

It was….

Hospital Free March!!!!!!!

yay, God is good and we are praying He would be pleased to grant us Hospital Free April


This is the first of three big news posts

A new TV show is starting on the Living Channel on Sky.  It is called April in the Afternoon.  There is a segment in the show where April Ieremia and two other people are taking up a weight loss and fitness challenge. 

One of the contestants, Rebecca, is getting people to sponsor her weightloss and is donating the money to Aria!!  So she is looking for sponsorship, per kilo, for Aria.  So exciting.  She is setting up a website so you will be able to track her progress.

UPDATE:  Website is up

She is doing very well so far and our Aria is her inspiration during those tough workouts!  Go Rebecca!!

Anyway will keep you posted.  But if you have Sky watch the show- it starts today at 5.30pm!

4 Responses to “It’s April and it’s official AND Big News Post 1 of 3”

  1. Gabes says:

    Congratulations on your hospital free month! Yay!

  2. Bill Cockrell says:

    I haven’t spoken to you guys in a while, but just a note to say We still praying for you guys and glad to hear of the Hospital Free March.
    God Bless

    B & D & family :)

  3. jen says:

    PRAISE the Lord
    may Aria remain well for ages

  4. Dawn says:

    That’s excellent glad it was a month free from hospital for ya,
    and i’m looking forward to finding out what news the other big news posts contain

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