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Poor Ashie

Poor Ashie is sick. It was the first time ever where we have seen our thermometer read 38 and we didn’t have to go to hospital. I was surprised by my reaction to Ashie being sick. I thought ‘normal’ sick would be far easier. Turns out it might be worse. I was ok when he was 38 but he quickly got up to 38.8 and I started to panic. Silly really but I no idea what could be wrong whereas with Aria we are fairly comfortable at knowing what is wrong.

We took him to our GP quick smart and turns out it is a cold virus. No need to panic!! We are trying to keep him away from Aria and she isn’t impressed!

We gave Asher some Pamol too, what a blessing, his temp came down too. We have never been able to give Aria relief from her burning.

Something spooky happened as I was typing this post. I was thinking about my friend Sam and Lara and how they were doing. Next thing my cellphone beeps to tell me I have a text. It was from Sam saying Lara is in hospital!! :(

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4 Responses to “Poor Ashie”

  1. jen says:

    hope Ashie gets better soon

  2. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Oh no!! But yay for being able to give Pamol! Hope Asher is better soon xoxo

  3. Steph says:

    Thinking of you guys today. Hope Asher gets better quick smart. Must be quite strange dealing with a ‘normal’ sickness as you say.
    Luv Steph xxx

  4. Lisa says:

    Poor wee fella!! Hope that over the past few days Asher has improved greatly and Aria has avoided contracting any wee bugs. I do also hope that you are having a lovely weekend together.

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