The end of a golden run… - Aria MacDonald

The end of a golden run…

Well after what was more than two whole months without a hospital stay, Aria has finally returned to Hotel Starship.

Aria has been showing signs of getting sick for the last week or so and we brought her into the hospital for a check and they confirmed that there is something growing in Aria’s feed line. She has been admitted for what will be a couple of days at the very least.

While it is always sad and disappointing to have Aria go into hospital we can be thankful that we got the move completed and that Aria was well for so long.

Please pray that we can quickly clear the bugs out of her line and that we can return to our new house once more.

We are loving the new house for all the space it offers us and all the storage we have for the things that we need to take care of her.

If you were wondering where we’ve been, we have been out of the loop because we haven’t got our internet up and running at home yet. Currently we are using the free wireless service offered by Ronald McDonald House Family House, just one of the great things that they offer families like ours who become resident at Starship.

Hopefully the next post we have will be good news.

Thanks for your support as always!

4 Responses to “The end of a golden run…”

  1. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Oh Bummer. Will be thinking of you. Anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Ali xoxo

  2. jen says:

    oh no I am sori
    hoping that she will all better again real soon
    praying for you all

  3. Steph vg says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, as always.
    Luv Steph xxxx

  4. Lisa Robertson says:

    So sorry to hear the 2 months hasnt become three! But Aria did so well, it must have been lovely to have had those few months without the interuption of hospital, and just breathe!! Hope Aria battles this bug real quickly so you can all be home again soon!! Great to hear the new house is going so well!!!

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