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Still here

We are still here and waiting and waiting. We are waiting to see which ABX the bugs in Aria’s line are sensitive to so we can go home knowing we are on the right ones and she will get better.

Currently I am sitting in the family rooms at Starship, both kids are asleep!!! Aria is on the ward in her bed and Asher is asleep in the pram. YAY! I am about to complete my first day alone with two kids in hospital!! Maybe it isn’t a big deal but it is for me. It is hard to have two BUT I wouldn’t send either of my darling children back :)

I can’t currently send emails (only receive) so a few messages. Jodee – I am so happy Matisse is so well, she is looking great. Sam – thank you, very sweet. Mich, Delz, Sarah, Corina, Gaf, Jules – I am really hoping we are home by Friday so you guys can come over!! Sharon – thank you for updating the linkie thing

Anyway a big hello to everyone else

4 Responses to “Still here”

  1. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Thinking of you guys xxx

  2. jen says:

    youre doing well Anita
    praying for you all

  3. Jodee & Matisse says:

    HI Anita and Hamish
    Oh so sorry to see Aria is back in hospital! Hopefully this is a bug they can treat and you can get her home soon. Pleased to hear the move went well – very interesting when you have to move with a chronically ill child, you realise that along with all the furniture etc that you also have a small hospital in your home which also needs to be packed moved and unpacked all in one day. It is hard with another child at the hospital with you so you are doing well to have them both asleep at the same time. You know I don’t have many good things to say about starship but the one thing that really saved my sanity there was Ronald McDonald house and the family room -they do rock!!!
    Thinking of you all.

  4. Rua, Lilys Nana says:

    Thinking of you and hope all goes well and you’re not up there for too much longer. We know all about bugs in lines!! We have a new little grandson, 8lb 4oz, as yet no name but is doing well.Rachael had a caeser but is good. Everthing is so much easier this time.
    Give Aria & Asher a big hug from me & you look after yourself Anita. Pleased to hear the shift went well
    Love Rua

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