She is back? - Aria MacDonald

She is back?

I think Aria might finally be on the mend.  Today she is much improved and happy and smiling.  Still a little unsettled and senstive but still closer to the happy and healthy Aria we know.

It has been a really stressful couple of days.  I won’t go into the details, it is fairly boring but trips to Starship with 2 kids and all that it entails is difficult.  I am torn between trying not to sound like a moaner/complainer and the need to own and acknowledge that the mothering situation I am in is difficult at times and to cope I need to voice it. 

Well yes, so that is where we are at.  We are looking forward to a three day weekend and really spending time in our new place which we are loving.

3 Responses to “She is back?”

  1. Lisa Robertson says:

    I am glad to hear that Aria is happier and smiling again. Hope that each new day continues with more improvement and good health!
    I really feel for you with those difficult days…. I know you dont just juggle a schedule, but imagine you carry a huge weight of emotions with it, and as parents those difficult times we want to shrink away we have to stand up and keep going.
    Have a lovely 3 day weekend together. I will be thinking of you all and hoping that this is a very happy and relaxed weekend!! Lis x

  2. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    So glad to hear Aria is on the up. I really feel for you, and please get in touch if I can help when you’re at Starship.

    Much love,

    Ali xoxo

  3. jen says:

    much better to vent it than bottle it up Anita
    and as a friend said today by knowing exzctly how things are allows us to pray better
    she wasnt talking about you but about an old friend of mine who was in an accident and might end up a paraplegic

    sending my prayers to you all

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