Angels in my garage - Aria MacDonald

Angels in my garage

There were angels in my garage yesterday in the form Nana and Poppa MacDonald. Hamish’s mum and dad spent a good couple of hours in there sorting thru our rubbish and treasures and we can now get a car in there! This is the first time Hamish and I have ever used our garage for actually storing a car!!!

Just as the rubbish sorting was being completed another angel walked thru my garage door carrying our dinner for the evening. Thanks Nitika, super grateful.

Aria is much better and attempting some walking and crawling (always a good sign) she is currently as I type trying to change Asher’s nappy! This morning we had some dramas with her g tube site leaking and being gross. We were at our wits end and bummed about missing church. Finally we changed the whole tube and it seems much better.

Anyway better rescue poor Asher from the lovely but over zealous affections of his sister!

7 Responses to “Angels in my garage”

  1. jen says:

    bless Nana and Poppa MacDonald.

  2. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    So glad you seem a bit happier Anita. Take care.

    Ali xoxo

  3. Bracefield family says:

    Great to hear that the G Tube has been sorted out. We were praying for you at church this morning.
    Trust this week works out better!!
    In Christ
    The Bracefields

  4. Gabes says:

    So glad Aria is on the mend. Yay for helpful angels. Lots of Love

  5. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Love hearing about the ‘normal’ stuff! (Normal for you I mean!!) Glad the tube got sorted too. I just love seeing my two interact with each other – its like a whole new blessing.

  6. Dawn says:

    ahhhhhhhhh aria trying to change asher’s nappy that is wayyyyyyy too cute

  7. Steph vg says:

    What fantastic family and friends you have. Never know where an angel might pop up! Great to hear that things have settled down a bit, and that the biggest news is Aria’s hankering for changing nappies! God is good.
    Luv Steph xxx

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