It came and went. - Aria MacDonald

It came and went.

Our big three month anniversary of Aria being out of hospital that is!

You see-  I am changing :P :D

Yesterday we had a great day at Waiheke with Rebecca’s parents.  Aria had such a great time and the experience was very positive.  She went on a boat and in the car and walked along the beach.  She said lots of new words ‘pretty’ ‘Becca’ ‘beach’ and had a great time laughing at Chippy the cat playing around.

Yes so we had a great day.  Ashie isn’t in such a good way today :sad: He had a temp of 39.4 when we got home yesterday :shock:

Speaking of Daddy, it is his birthday today.  Happy Birthday Hamish, we love you.

4 Responses to “It came and went.”

  1. jen says:

    pleased you had a great day
    praying Ashie gets better soon
    Happy Birthday to Hamish
    hope he has a nice day
    it was my oldest birthday yesterday hes 13 now :)

  2. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Happy Birthday Hamish!!!

  3. Nyle says:

    Happy Birthday to Hamish!!

    Glad to hear everything is ticking along nicely for Aria and I hope Asha is much better today.

    We too have been holding our breathe down here in Nelson as it has been almost a year since our journey started but its been 5 months since last infection….Auckland hospital rocks!!

  4. Lisa Robertson says:

    Happy birthday Hamish for yesterday! I recall writing this a year ago – time sure does fly fast! So wonderful that Aria is keeping well, especially over winter when there are so many little bugs around…. shows what a great job you guys do taking extra special care of her! Sounds like she is developing really well! Hope Asher is feeling better today! Have a wonderful week! x

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