Not good news - Aria MacDonald

Not good news

Aria isn’t better :cry:

In fact she is probably worst than yesterday.  Her temp is still 40 degrees, the fourth night in a row. 

Honestly I just don’t know what to think.   Ok so it isn’t a line infection or a virus and the ABX don’t seem to be working.  At this rate I think we will never get home.  We were so excited yesterday when she got to 37.1

Anyway please pray for us and Aria, poor girl is just so so miserable.


10 Responses to “Not good news”

  1. Lisa Robertson says:

    I am real sorry to hear this temp hasnt broken. Will keep you all in my thoughts and look forward to the post telling us it has dropped. Do hope Aria’s spirits are up a little today. Take care x

  2. Michelle says:

    Doh. I should have read this post before getting all excited and commenting on the last one. Will pray even more fervently then! Lots of love to you all

  3. Steph says:

    Oh no! Not good at all. Poor wee Aria. Will continue praying for her (and you all). Give her a big hug from us.
    Love Steph xxx

  4. jen says:

    praying for you all especially Aria

  5. Brian and Sandra says:

    Thinking of you guys. Give the little munchkin a gentle loving hug for us too please.

    Brian, Sandra, Nicole and Megan

  6. Josie says:

    Thinking of you beautiful Aria! All the ladies at Playgroup were asking after you yesterday and I had to tell them you were sick. They all send their love and can’t wait to see you again…we’ll look after your favourite bike until you get back. We miss Green Dolly too, but know she’ll be looking after you. Get better soon beautiful girl!
    Love, Josie, Simon, Izzy, Ella & karen xxxx

  7. Ali says:

    Hugest hugs to Aria.
    Love Bella

  8. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Oh no, I was so hoping for good news. Will continue to pray and send you good wishes.

    Ali xoxo

  9. markandjo says:

    Praying that our Father will give you much strength at this time as it must be so exhausting on the whole family. Will be praying too of course that Aria gets better very very soon!

  10. Neak says:

    Aw Hun thinking of you all! and hope Miss Aria is better very soon! love and hugs to you all Neak

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