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Happy Fathers Day

Tomorrow marks two weeks in hospital for Aria and our family.  I honestly can’t believe it.  It has been such a long time.

This post is about Hamish :D

Hamish has spent 13 nights in hospital and been going to work.  That blows my mind.  Simply because you get very little sleep in hospital because of antibiotics and finger pricks and obs.  Still Hamish does it and remains a nice and kind person who is adored by Miss Aria.  Miss Aria and her daddy are best mates.  Hamish loves being in hospital cause him and Aria get to spend lots of time together.  It is so cute how much Aria loves her dad and when Daddy is around Mummy doesn’t get a look in.

Hamish works really hard to keep our family sane during this time.  You might be wondering why I don’t stay some nights in hospital.  I don’t because I am still breastfeeding Asher and emotionally I am not ready to be apart from him at night just yet.  So Hamish makes this sacrifice for me and Asher and does the night shift without complaining.  Never have I heard him complain or say he is tired.

Hamish is also Aria’s best friend and mine too.  He is always there to say something comforting and helpful and will listen to me when I am sad and stressed.  He and I are a great team and have survived the stress and heartache.

Happy Fathers Day Hamish.  We love you very much ♥

4 Responses to “Happy Fathers Day”

  1. jen says:

    bless Hamish
    praying for you all

  2. Brian and Sandra says:

    One amazing man! Not to mention one amazing woman, one amazing little girl and one amazing little boy! Put together, this is one amazing family! God love you all!

    Thinking of you as always,

    Brian, Sandra, Nicole and Megan

  3. Steph says:

    Good on you Hamish! You are amazing! Don’t know how most of us would cope with 13 nights broken sleep and still working, let alone being with a sick daughter.
    Anita, you are amazing too! Remember that!
    Love Steph xxx

  4. David Ready says:

    When you spend some time with Hamish’s parents you understand where his physical and mental strength originates, (and we all know The Source of Hamish’s spiritual strength). Nice post Anita Dearest and nice Father’s Day acknowledgement of Mr Hamish. I understand the bond between Aria and her Dad; may it last a long long time.

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