We are home!! - Aria MacDonald

We are home!!

Aria was discharged today.  Yay, it took awhile to get out but we are home finally.

Interesting we are home on IV insulin, a first for Starship from what I understand.  Everyone is a bit amazed because IV insulin is mainly only done in intenstive care, not at home by two non-medical professionals.  Anyway Starship seem to believe in us and our IV skills and we are very glad they do.

 Aria’s blood sugar levels went nuts while we were in hospital because of all the stress the mystery illness was causing her system. She was started on insulin to bring those sugar levels under control.

 We will need to slowly wean her off it to see if she will be ok without it completely, whether it will be something we do while she is sick and recovering from sickness or whether it will be a full time addition to our caring routine. Hopefully it will be a once off freak thing that never happens again but with our one in a million girl, we won’t count our chickens just quite yet.

 Thanks for your prayer and support while we have been in hospital, its been a tough stay, we are all emotionally and physically spent, and know that your prayers have kept us going.

Here’s to a good period of hospital free time to help us recharge our batteries.

11 Responses to “We are home!!”

  1. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Awesome! And so interesting!! Still no ideas about why her BSLs are so nutty?

    Much love,

    Ali xoxo

  2. jen says:

    has she got diabetes
    My partner does

    praying for you all as always

  3. susan says:

    that is great news!

  4. Kit Deverell says:

    Thats awesome news.

    When you think about it you guys probably have more hands on experiance than a lot of nurses who have only been on the job two years!

  5. Steph van G says:

    Fantastic! Glad to hear you’re all home.
    Here’s to getting back to normal asap!

  6. tony says:

    Praise the Lord Anita and Hamish.
    Your faith continues to strengthen as you endure these trials – I was just reading James 1 to the family this week and while it is a difficult time we certainly are strengthened by Christ as we endure trials and seek wisdom from Him.
    The Bracefields

  7. Lisa Robertson says:

    Am thrilled to hear you are home again now…. and it is tribute to your abilites and dedication to Aria that you are able to administer the insulin at home! Hope that the rest of your week goes smoothly and you are all able to catch up on some well deserved rest, and enjoy being at home all together again! x

  8. Jess says:


    Glad to hear Miss Aria is home now :) We were just in Starship recently to if i had of clicked and if we were on the same ward i would have come and said hi :)

    Loves to you all and Cuddles for Miss Aria she is gorgeous!

    Jess, Max and Ella-Grace

  9. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Great news to hear you are all home. now you just need to take time out and recover from your long ordeal. Thinking of you all and fingers crossed that the insulin is only temporary. But, if its not, I know you will cope in your extraordinary way that you do.

    Lots of hugs xxxx

  10. Dawn says:

    Excellent that you guys are all home and things are going well. Iv insulin, it’s all good!!, i’m hoping it will all work out for you and that it is not a permenant thing. Enjoy all your times at home and being back to gether again

    as always
    all our love support and prayers from here in Australia

  11. win now says:

    I have been a guest of this home page! ZiPiTiDuYa… ZiPiDiHey…

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