Monday Madness - Aria MacDonald

Monday Madness

Well we have been without the internet for a couple of (hard) days!  So this post is late but I still feel like I should post about our day on Monday

Aria had an appointment for a kidney test on Monday morning.  Josie came with us and minded Asher for the hour it was supposed to take.  I rang a couple of days before to check how long it would take and they said only an hour.  BUT when I got there and sat down with the Doctor he told me they were doing another one which required a blood test in two hours and then 2 more on the hour for next two hours!  Finishing at 3.05pm!!  ARGH! 

What was I supposed to do inbetween time with two kids!?  Plus Josie came in our car and she had to be back for a important appointment with her midwife and her hubby was at home with a migrane.  PLUS I had two interviews scheduled because we are looking for a nanny with another family, the Bakers.  There was no room in daystay or on the ward. 

So putting my thinking cap on I decided the best thing to do was to go home and do the bloods myself.  Of course this involved me doing them at the Bakers house and they had to done right on the dot of 2.05pm and 3.05pm and of course the nannies were coming at 2pm and 3pm.  Taking bloods off Aria’s line isn’t easy and you have to be really careful.  But she was really good and the Bakers were supportive and Nana Mac came on the drive back to the hospital to entertain the tired grumpy kids (no time for naps)

So it was an awful day.  And about to get worse when, against my husbands advice I decided to watch 60 Minutes.  I was curious.  But it was about a little girl, Ava, who got sick with croup and then the dreaded staphylococcus aureus got into her body and robbed her of nearly her life but ultimately her legs and right hand.  Aria has been sick with Staph Aureus 4 times and has lost one central line because of this bug.  Of course I sat on the couch and cried and cried for this little girl and her mum and dad and for Aria and for the future.  This surprised me because I don’t normally cry at that kinda stuff.  I keep that door firmly shut but i guess because of the awful stressful day I just had to let it all out. 

Staph Aureus is a horrible bug and I was just gutted it had damaged Ava, who was perfectly healthy.  Aria started off life unhealthy but this little girl was a picture of health and it ‘got’ her.  And it gets Aria and I never knew it could take arms and legs.  I do now and I wish I didn’t but I won’t life in fear.

5 Responses to “Monday Madness”

  1. Priscilla says:

    I saw that story about Ava as well, was so sad :( but at least she’s doing well in spite of that & still seems to be a happy little girl. Wow scary that Aria has had that same bug before! will pray it doesn’t strike again

  2. Lisa Robertson says:

    Finally caught up on your posts, been a hectic couple of weeks! Great to hear that Aria is continuing to do well! Sounds like you have had a busy week with tests/nannies etc…. Days/weeks like this get on top of us easily, there never seem to be enough hours in a day!
    60 days in hospital two years in a row! Thats quite incredible, but will be hoping for a whole lot less for you this year!
    Enjoy the rest of your week – hope it goes smoothly for you!

  3. Gabes says:

    Big Hugs Anita xxx Am thinking of you

  4. Sarah L says:

    Anita, I am lost for words. I know I have no comprehension of what you and your family are going through and have to face each day but I know God is a great provider and had brought you safe thus far. May He give you the strength to continue on in your journey and may He show us how we can be a support to you.

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