Fear is not a Factor for you! - Aria MacDonald

Fear is not a Factor for you!

Do you remember Fear Factor?  That awful programme in which the contestants have to eat gross things and lie in bugs?  I think there is a NZ version coming, which made me think more about my ponderings over the past week.  Update: it is the NZ version Who Dares Wins not Fear Factor, but the same idea.

I have become increasingly aware of the grip the fear has on my life and Aria’s life.  This all started that Monday when I watched that programme about Staph.  By watching it I fed my knowledge and gave the spirit of fear more ‘ammo’ in which to grip my life.  I am thinking of fear differently now.  Not as something that I am passive too and trapped by but something that I won’t let master me and bring me down.

There is a huge list of stuff to fear which could make Aria’s life very bad very quickly, which as a mum is hard to deal with sometimes.  Recently dialysis was added to the list.  Yuck, three times a week trekking into Starship for hours at the time.  Going overseas to a new country and putting Aria though a hard and difficult operation which has huge risk- Yuck!  Not to mention bugs, drugs, staph, her liver function, development etc etc

Anyway I will not let fear be a factor in my life.  I will not let it ‘get’ me because it seeks to destory and bring me down and ultimately make me less effective as a mother, wife and friend.  I say this and claim this but really it is not about me ‘deciding’ to be a certain way or positive thinking but God working out something amazing in me.  Really I would just worry 23 out of 24 hours of the day if it was up to me!!!

5 Responses to “Fear is not a Factor for you!”

  1. Kit says:

    You just put me in mind of a wonderful saying I heard the other day – Give all your worries to God, hes going to be up all night anway!

    Fear is a funny thing, it can tear you down or build your strength to amazing levels. I’m glad you are looking at it from the right side.

    At age 11 I was diagnosed with a condition that meant I could quite litterally die any second of any day. I spent several years living in fear before I realised what you have and got on with living. Good thing too as so far none of the doctors dire predictions have eventuated!

  2. Grandad David says:

    To Kit! Wow! Incredible! Stunning! To Anita; I’ll try and call Sunday and see if you’re home.

  3. tony says:

    HI Anitia
    Praying for you that God would give you the victory over these real and ever present fears.
    Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
    In the Redeemer

  4. jen says:

    wow I didnt know that theres going to be a NZ version

    Praying for you Anita
    May God take the fear away and replace it with peace
    Peace that can only found in Him

    Good on you girl!!!
    Dont let the evil one have a chance
    Turn to God the almighty

  5. Samantha Sutherland says:

    I hear you, it’s something I battle with too. Doesn’t help though does it! Acceptance helps me get through it. Many hugs, you are a brave mum and family and I know you can do it, you have come through worse from the early days!

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