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God’s Friday My Friday

My plans for today:  Kids at daycare and a whole day to myself to do nothing

God’s plan for my day today: To look after 3 kids under three and see Him provide for me.

Our nanny called in sick today and the family we do the nanny share with both had to work.  Dad’s a pilot and was called in at the last minute and Mum was already at work.  So they were in a pickle so their little girl came over for the day.

Of course I was scared and panicking about how I could cope.  June has been really busy with family staying and visiting and there hasn’t been much if any breathing space, plus a hospital admission chucked in for extra fun!  So I needed a rest come today.  BUT what I needed was to pray and rely on God and see him work. 

Half way thru the day I realised that things were going fine, all three kids went down for a sleep, were fed and watered and happy all day.  Plus my FIL showed up for the 3rd time this week to rescue me, my in laws are completely awesome if you haven’t figured that out already :D

So this post isn’t much about Aria, although she was really good today.  But in a strange way it is.  When Hamish and I had kids we didn’t choose this hard road nor would we have put our hands up for it.  BUT we are better people for it, we see God do amazing things in very special ways. 

Often the road we want to walk down and the one God chooses for it are very different.  But today proved that His ways are better.  I feel uplifted and happy, I have done something I didn’t think I could do.  But I have in His power.  YAY Yipppeeeee

2 Responses to “God’s Friday My Friday”

  1. Jodee Reid says:

    Sounds like you did really well :)

  2. Josie Wall says:

    Sooo true! God is so Good, and we can do ALL things through him who gives us strength :) But then again I’ve always thought of you as Supermum, so I sure you can do all things just fine x

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