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Grand Central Station

Our house has been like Grand Central Station.  My mum is over or Nana Wose as Aria calls her (Nana Rose is her actual name) and my sister has been moving her stuff out to her new flat just down the road.

We had a great great birthday week with Aria.  Thank you to everyone who left a comment, sent an email or text to say Happy Birthday.  Hamish had to work on Aria’s birthday and sent me an email to say he was feeling emotional at the thought of Aria being 3!  I said ‘don’t read the comment on the website then!!’  Of course he couldn’t wait until home time to read all the beautiful comments and we both were pretty teary reading them.

So thank you for your support and comments either in person or online, we are so happy to have shared Aria’s birthday with you.

Happy 3rd Birthday Aria!!

Aria how old are you turning?…. “THREE!”Aria are you a baby? “No”And she’s right, she is definately not a little baby anymore.

Two years and fifty weeks after we were told that Aria’s life was going to end we’re celebrating her third birthday. Wow, what a big three years they have been. Aria has defied the odds to live a pretty normal life.

She’s learnt to walk, talk, play and love, like any other little kid. She even has favourite foods and drink like other little children. She has now got a little brother who she adores, and has made many friends and touched the hearts of even more.

Looking back on the three years we’ve been blessed with Aria’s presence we can’t believe just how precious those times have been. We have seen an amazing girl grow up, we have seen an amazing God do wonderous things, and we have seen people come into our life to bless Aria with time, money, effort and love.

We had a little family gathering for Aria on Monday night to celebrate her life. As Aria sat there eating some cake Anita said to me “Next year Aria might really be EATING her cake”. That is our hope for this coming year, that Aria will get the life saving transplant that she really needs. We are getting closer to starting that next stage of our journey and look forward to sharing with you all what I’m sure will be another extraordinary year.

As I was thinking about Aria’s life this morning a song came into my head that we sing at church from time to time…

You have brought us this far by your grace, you have led us by fire and by cloud. You have led us through Jordan to look on your face, Oh blessed, oh blessed be God.

It is so true, God has been leading us through these last three years, all that Aria has prospered through, all that we have endured have been accomplished under God’s guidance and provision. All that we will achieve and experience in the coming years are in his hand too.

What a great God He is, that we love and serve.

And also special birthday wishes to Jodee, Matisse mum.  Jodee is very special to our family, as is it Matisse.  Enjoy your day Jodee!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11