Praise the Lord!!!!! He is good and we praise His name!!!!

IT IS A YES !!!!!!!!

Happy tears are flowing !!!!!!

Ok so we have come down off the ceiling!  We are so happy and thankful.

We were in the family rooms at Starship when my phone rang and I could see it was the business manager at Starship.  She said “I have good news- It is a yes- where are you?”  I hung up and burst into tears, big relieved sobs and Hamish and I just hugged for a bit crying at this amazing news. 

Yesterday Starship were starting to make noises about perhaps the MoH were taking so long because it was a NO.  The business manager had just come out of a meeting with her boss in which they were discussing a no answer and the ‘fall out’ from that and then the MoH phoned her.  So Hamish and I had to really wrestle with our faith and look to God and keep our eyes fixed on Him should He say no.


Thank you so much for your beautiful comments- we love to read them and know you are all so happy for us.

I FORGOT!!!!  I forgot to tell you the other big news of the day- Aria bili is down to 250!!!


  1. Donna Wallis says:

    Yay, crack open the bubbles..

  2. Susan says:

    Praise God, that is such a relief!

    Josh & Susan

  3. Rod and Cherry says:

    Tears are flowing here also. Great is His faithfulness.

  4. Natalie says:

    Yay! Tears for you all here. I am so so pleased the right news has come through.

  5. Liz says:


    I am so happy for you!
    Happy tears!

  6. Kit says:

    Heres hoping you have even more to be thankful for next thanksgiving!

  7. KJ says:

    What fantastic news!! Congratulations to you all xx

  8. Gordon & Coralie McLay says:

    Wahoo..worth checking back all afternoon…may you know God’s continued leading through this time…enjoy your evening with Hamish and may Aria be settled for who will be looking after her. God bless….McLays

  9. Monique Wagener says:

    wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! huge huge hugs for you all I am so happy for you guys!

  10. Kylie says:

    That’s awesome!! So happy for you all!!! :)

  11. Priscilla says:


    Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

    So so so happy for you guys!!

    Best news of the day/week/month/year :)

  12. Grandad David says:

    You can say that “happy tears” are well and truly flowing.

  13. Cath O'Brien says:

    Fantastic news!

  14. Josie and Simon and Violet - Dee says:

    Happy tears are flowing here, and a little dancing too! God you are so Good and faithful….and he is certainly blessing you guys for being faithful to him :) The amazing journey continues – Omaha will be so lucky to have such a wonderful family……we will miss you so much though xxx

  15. Nikki says:


  16. Chris says:

    That is wonderful news. May all go well with this stage of your journey.

  17. Anna Smart says:

    That’s huge!!!!!!!!!! That’s so fabulous!!


  18. Gabes says:

    Happy tears here for you. Fantastic, blessings x

  19. Esther says:

    Whew! And yay! Wonderful news.

  20. Rolf and Helen says:

    So unbelievably happy that your prayers have been answered in such a positive way. Let the happy tears flow as you prepare for your journey. Your strength up til now has been amazing and this will give you even more to carry on with. Love from us both. xxoo

  21. Lisa Robertson says:

    Oh and tears here too. So thrilled for you all. Go to America macdonald family! XXXXXXX

  22. Lisa says:

    Awesome news Anita!

  23. Nyle says:

    I am just so thrilled for you all. That is the best news all round. Guess you will be packing your bags now as its not long till you all leave. Huge hugs to you all.

  24. Anthea says:


  25. Jes says:

    yay!!!! So excited for you…have been praying for the money to come. Praise God! xo.

  26. Sarah S. says:

    I am so so so happy for you!!
    Praise the Lord!! Isn’t our God awesome..
    I will continue praying for you while you get ready to leave. xo.

  27. Corina says:

    Bawling my eyes out too! Such awesome news… was holding my breath all afternoon (and praying, of course!). So… when do you leave? YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

  28. Nicole says:

    Awesome!!!!! Yay GOD!! :D :D :D

  29. Sharon says:

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful news. Wishing you all continued strength on this new chapter in your lives. Much love. xoxo

  30. Bill & Delwyn says:

    Wonderful news. Praise God !!!!! May God’s strength go with you as you ready to go to Omaha, What a long trail you have trod so far, and more ahead. Just let us all know if we can help in any way as you prepare to leave. God is good, all the time.

  31. Gareth & Ali says:

    Fantastic news…Praise God! xxx

  32. Andrew Coulthard says:

    Awesome news. Praise God, He has the perfect timing!!

  33. John& Kay says:

    God’s timing is impeccable. Why do we ever doubt that God has an answer for us in His own time. All our love and God’s blessings from John and Kay.

  34. Jess says:

    Wahoo Talk about make my day (of course nothing compared to making your day)
    It must be such a huge weight off your mind, good luch with all the organising

  35. Lauren says:

    Oh thank goodness – WOO HOO!

  36. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Waiting has been a slow form of torture for you all but now you have the green light. I am just so happy for you that you can go now and move forward instead of in a holding pattern. Aria is at the right stage to go. Love you guys heaps xxx

  37. Kat says:

    That has made my week! I’m so glad things are finally moving forward for you. Praise be to God who knows what we need and when we need it.

  38. pippa says:

    Yayy!!! One more step in your journey. Huge sigh of relief. Tonight is for celebrating! Hugs to you all and an especially big one for Aria.

  39. ali says:

    Yes!!!!!!! I am amazingly, unbelievsbly stoked. Anything you need, please don’t hesitate to ask. Love you guys heaps xxxxx

  40. Kathie Hands New Zealand says:

    Grateful tears from here too… Wonderful news
    Kathie Hands

  41. Shannon Stratford says:

    YIPPPEEE!!! Si and I are so happy for you guys, this is just the most wonderful news!!! All our love and hugs and jumping up and down and dancing with happiness coming your way!!!

  42. Steph VG says:

    Absolutely fantastic news! God is so good! xxxxx(Hugs from all of us – Steven, Steph, Ashley & Joshua)

  43. Kerryn and Peter says:

    This is fantastic news – so very very pleased for you all! God has provided! xxx

  44. Joanne Allen says:

    Woohoo, that is the best news ever! I have happy tears for you also :) Such overwhelming news, all the best with preparing everyone in your family for the journey ahead xxx

  45. Dawn says:

    Awesome, that’s such great news… will keep praying for aria’s health and everything right with the visa’s and travel times and what not.

  46. LemoNZ says:

    ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well that was my reaction to reading this so I now have 3 kids awake and looking at me wondering what on earth has happened. Michael and Elijah are a little stunned but Sophie is old enough to understand this and so we are now hugging and crying here too.


  47. Jo says:

    Sounds like half of New Zealand is crying tears of joy with you guys (and of course I’m part of that crowd)!!!! YAY!!! God is so good!!! He is so faithful in answering the prayers of His children. It is so funny I was just saying to Clair today that I haven’t extended the roster out of faith that God will answer all our prayers and that you would be on that plane by the 1st. Then I just read the amazing news. Well the 7th isn’t much out and so you’ll be getting dinners for only a week more than originally planned ;) hehe
    lots and lots of love and hugs… i’m so excited I can’t even begin to imagine how excited you and hamish are!!!! xx

  48. Staci-Ann Thornton says:

    God is Good!!!!!!! congrates will continue praying

  49. Paula says:

    That is just soooo awesome!! Please Aria get well enough to travel!!
    Hugs and kisses all round :) .

  50. Julia aka j-j says:

    I’m sooooooo thrilled for you guys, I can’t even imagine how amazing that news must feel for you all. Much love

  51. Anneke Walker says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Aria while at the Little Playhouse only a few months ago, she touched my heart and I haven’t stopped thinking of her since. I am so pleased for you all, congratulations, its a new chapter for the whole family.

  52. Helma says:

    Praise the Lord!!!! This is fantastic news. We are all so very happy for you.

  53. Haz and Roi says:

    YAY!!! I’ve never left a comment here before but we have been reading it often!!!! thats is such awesome news! PRAISE GOD!! He is so wonderful! I bet you already know that anyway.

  54. Fiona says:

    Wonderful news- Wonderful God- now the business of getting out of here- go for it people- and know that we are all sending our blessings with you

  55. Charlie says:

    Congratulations guys – such wonderful news that you and your family thoroughly deserve. May your faith continue to be un-waivered and guide you to further happiness. Charlie xx

  56. Sarah says:

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “PLANS TO PROSPER AND NOT TO HARM YOU!, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    - Jeremiah 29:11

    Thank you God!

    Tears and relief and further prayers that God may continue to work through all of your lives.


  57. Lou says:

    God is truly good! Can’t express how happy I am right now :) You guys are amazing and I’m going to miss you lots! Keep your eyes fixed on Him in the next part of your journey. Love you all millions xo

  58. anna says:

    I have been reading your site every day for the last 5 months, and am so pleased for you. Amazing!!!!! I have a 5 and 3 year old and find it hard enough being a good parent, without all your difficulties!!!!! Will be thinking of you as you prepare the 4 of you to go. xx

  59. Steve and Janet Simons says:

    We are thrilled, thanks to the Lord, we will continue to Pray for you all. Love Steve and Janet

  60. Shirl says:

    Tears flowing with you guys….. it is wonderful news …. you guys are amazing parents and an amazing couple…. keep strong and we look forward to seeing you before you go if you have time to breath! Prayers for Aria’s health continuing….. woo hooo….. WONDERFUL! XX

  61. Kristina says:

    Awesome news, We are really pleased for you all and our thoughts and prayers are with you as you move into this next big step of your journey with Aria.

  62. Uncle Bruce says:

    still up writing my ‘dessertaction’ and I couldnt but not put in a thought.What an incredible day it has been today…was crying at Tivo’s disco tonight when watching the kids with disabilities not letting that get in the way of them dancing and jiggling around to ‘Thriller’ and ‘applebottom jeans’ etc. It reminded me of Aria’s dancing…..the sheer determination to live life to the max as a 3 yr old!!hard out its gonna happen!!xoxox

  63. Uncle Bruce says:

    still up writing my ‘dessertaction’ and I couldnt help but stop by here.What an incredible day it has been today…was overwhelmed with tears at Tivo’s disco tonight when watching the kids with disabilities not letting that get in the way of them dancing and jiggling around to ‘Thriller’ and ‘applebottom jeans’ etc. They reminded me of Aria and her dancing…..the sheer determination to live life to the max as a child of God!!hard out its gonna happen!!xoxox

  64. Uncle Bruce says:

    hehe, I replied twice by accident thinking I had wiped one but they both got in. this one will be the third.why not I say?Its been one of those days (any prize for multi-replies Ham and Anita?)ia manuia le po, to fa soifua

  65. Cockafollas says:

    So very happy for you all!
    Love Jason xoxox

  66. Sue D says:

    Thank goodness God knows all the plans he has for us to give us a future and a hope.

    That is just so good. I have been thinking about it most of the night off and on. You must have so much hope right now. You have been on a journey that is for sure. You are an inspiration guys.
    Bless you all heaps as you prepare for this next leg of your journey we will all be cheering you on as a family.

  67. EVE GILKES says:

    Just to add my love and best wishes and overflowing joy at your wonderful news. God is with you. Bless you all and ‘Bon Voyage’.
    All praise and glory to our God.
    Eve ……. from England

  68. Tiffany says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so so so VERY HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Kim says:

    That is amazing news!!! Best of luck and lots of love xxx

  70. Mireille and Russell says:

    We have an AWSOME GOD!!! And what He has started for Aria He will also achieve! Thinking of you with the next step: Packing (yuck! we know a bit of that ….) and traveling to the States.

  71. Ruth says:

    Woo Hooooooo!!! Yay so so so so so pleased to hear that news! and what an amazing relief and blessing! Such good news guys! Go well and with God!

  72. Brian & Julie Laing says:

    We have watched and prayed since day 1 as you probably know .This is what we`ve all prayed and hoped for ….That Aria can have a chance like everyone else for a good , long life.
    We won`t stop praying now ( of course ) : ) : )

  73. Jaime says:

    So happy for you all. What amazing news for you all

  74. Sharonnz says:

    Brilliant, brilliant news!! Thrilled!!

  75. Sharon McBain says:

    The wonderful effits of prayer so great. Im so pleased for all your family hugs to you all. Good luck God bless

  76. Judy Palmer says:

    Just read your great news. Praise the Lord for he is good.Good luck with your travelling to Omaha. I will keep you in my prayers.

  77. Emma Abrahams says:

    Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! What awesome news! Your faith in Him is amazing – he must hold you so dear to his heart.

  78. Ali and Bella says:

    Wow, wow and wow! I am so happy for you guys.

  79. Leticia says:

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!!! My wee boy was taken to soon for this to happen to him. I thank the lord that Aria will have the opportunity to live a full life!!

  80. Jaclyn Smith says:

    Dearest Hamish and Anita – absolutely blown away by the awesome news – and so pleased that so many prayers have been answered. Will continue to pray for you all, and will think of you as you start a new journey and look forward to hearing all about it! Big hugs to you guys and Aria and Asher xxxx

  81. Deborah says:

    Praise the Lord!!! I am singing and crying and dancing with joy…I could not check internet all day yesterday because of bad connection and I had you on my mind when up all night and so now I am soooo happy!!! Praise the LOrd…much rejoicing…and praise God for good bili…praying for good health so travel is possible and visas and everything is fine….wishing I could be there to give you a big hug and praise God with you…xxxx

  82. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    Tears are flowing in Texas!!! Praise God! Do you know when the big day will be?

    Love you all………………..

  83. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    This is such awesome news. I can’t wait to see Aria grow up and live a long, full and happy life. Thinking of you always.

    Ali xoxo

  84. Sandie Coupe says:

    Wonderful news.Our thoughts will be with you in USA. Hope all goes well

  85. Omaha Friends says:

    We got on your website after hearing through church that you were praying about coming to our city in Omaha, NE! Aria’s been on our hearts and in our prayers the past couple weeks. So excited for this blessing for you and that precious little girl! Lots of love from Omaha!


  86. Christine says:

    ABOUT TIME!! Such amazing, brilliant news for all of you!! Wish you all the best on the next part of your journey. :D

  87. Herschel Gadewoltz says:

    great advice and sharing,I will buy one damn good apple for me .thanks,Joe

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