Short lived elation - Aria MacDonald

Short lived elation

Aria is not very well today. Double doses of morphine over night and lots of pain. She did manage about 5 hours solid sleep though so that was good.

She is fairly unwell and can’t get on a plane in this condition. Please keep up your prayers. Funding might be thru but she needs to be well enough to travel.

No Santa parade today. Hamish and Ash are still going with Nana and Tiv. It would be a shame to waste the opportunity.

We are still pushing on with leaving on the 7th. Hamish and I have an early appointment at the US embassy tomorrow morning. Praying they might be sympathic to our cause.

12 Responses to “Short lived elation”

  1. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Oh no :-(

    Can the transit nurse take morphine on the plane? Hope Miss Aria is feeling brighter this afternoon and you both have a better night’s sleep tonight.

    Much love,

    Ali xoxo

  2. Anna Smart says:

    Oh, horribly heartbreaking to read after such good news last time. Sophie is sitting on my knee singing a “butterfly” song for Aria (she loves the butterflies on this page).

    Lots of prayers and love from us too and may the next update be full of good news again.. good luck with the US embassy.xx

  3. Josie and Simon and Violet - Dee says:

    Get well soon Aria, there’s lots of celebrating to do and a big aeroplane ride waiting for you! :)

  4. Lisa Robertson says:

    oh no! Hope Aria recovers enough to travel real quick for you – and wishing you all the best with the embassy tomorrow! x

  5. Rolf and Helen says:

    Will be thinking of you all early tomorrow am. All the best.

  6. Shirl says:

    So don’t know what to write…. always it’s the same, but just want you to know we’re right with you guys in prayer. Will be praying for all the details to fall in place and for speedy resolution of issues. For super deep sleep so you are refreshed, for Aria to know pain relief, for Asher to feel secure in the busyness and for special extended family memory moments…. Much love my friends. X

  7. Ruth says:

    oh wow, really sad to hear that, but again, nothing is impossible for God as you have seen and know. Will definitely pray for your little Aria!!

  8. EVE GILKES says:

    Hello again,
    I would have thought a nurse would have been provided to travel with you to the U.S.
    My prayers are with all of you.
    Your trust in God is so good to see, it has boosted my faith.
    With love …… God bless all of you.
    Eve (Devon, England)

  9. Iliganoa says:

    Hi Anita and Hamish,
    Am still singing so everythings going your way, your faith is being stretched – so have no doubts. God our Papa is faithful amen. Remember the joy of the Lord is your strength and thanksgiving and praises is the entry to His gates and throne amen.
    God answers every prayer you utter and all depends on your faith in Him. Am right there with you, am not giving up – if Papa did not give up on us then we must do the same. Nothing at all can separate us from His love as demonstrated in His beloved Son Jesus Christ, halleluia, praise the Lord o my soul and all that is within me praise His Holy Name. Blessings on you all, “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD I WILL BE EXALTED AMONG THE NATIONS, I WILL BE EXALTED IN THE EARTH, THE LORD ALMIGHTY IS WITH US”Psalm 46:10-11. “I AM THE VINE, YOU ARE THE BRANCHES, ABIDE IN ME”John 15 “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND LIFE”John 11 “I LOVE YOU WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE”Jere 31:3 “I AM YOUR PROVIDER AND I MEET ALL YOUR NEEDS”Matthew 6:31-35 “I will not stop doing good to you” Jere 32:40 “You are my treasured possession”Exodus 19:5 “Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37 “As a shepherd carries a lamb, I have carried you close to my heart” Isa 40:11 “IF GOD IS FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US, WHO? WHO? WHO?”

  10. Steph van Garderen says:

    Hugs! Praying for you all as usual!

  11. Deborah says:

    God has been so gracious thus far, we will continue to pray…

  12. Tiffany says:

    Poor Aria! I pray she feels better soon, so that you will be able to travel to get her transplant, & I also pray that the U.S. Embassy will recognize that Aria needs to go to Omaha so that her life will be saved!

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