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Happy and nervous

Today we are happy.  They decided to start Aria on ‘sprints’.  Sprints is were they turn off the breathing support from the vent and Aria initiates all her breaths herself and then the machine comes in with the air she is asking for.   They tried this for half an hour and she did great!  Her breaths stayed at around 30ish which is normal.  If she was struggling to breath she would of gone higher (like when you run and you breath faster) to like 60.  So they will try again this arvo at 2pm for 45 mins.  Then a hour later tonight and then 2 hours three times a day tomorrow.   And then hopefully remove the breathing tube fully.  So we are really really happy and praying the other sprints go well.

In other nervous news her temp, heart rate and white cell count is up today :( Her temp peaked at 38.3.  She has a patch of hot red skin on her pelvis and it might be a little skin infection from the fluid build up.  So we asked to the team to move the Cat scan forward today and they agreed.  Worst case it could be another leak in Aria’s bowel that is causing the temp.  We know there is a leak but everyone is hoping it is small and will heal without a trip to the OR.  She is having some contrast now down her feeding tube into her tummy and bowel and it will leak out and show up on the xray.

So praise and prayers today for sure.

Thank you for your beautiful messages and encouraging words.  This is the wonderful thing about this blog and a reminder that there are many people caring and loving and praying for Aria and our family.  Thank you.

Update:  nurse just took Aria’s temp and it was 37 !  good news.

Prelim results from the Cat scan are good.  We could see the contrast coming out her stoma and not out of the drains.  The person who did the scan said nothing ‘jumped out at her’.  This is great because last time even Hamish and I could clearly see all the contrast leaking out of the top of her bowel into the abdo cavity.  But we wait for official word from the transplant and ID team.  maybe maybe maybe we can start intestinal feeds soon!

18 Responses to “Happy and nervous”

  1. Dawn says:

    Hi guys, it’s so good to hear that there is progress being made on the breathing tube front and that Aria’s temperature has come down again. I read on the billboard outside the 7th Day Adventist church just along the road the other day “faith makes all things possible, not easy” and I thought of the struggle your family is enduring. How often we want God to “make it all better – now would be good, thankyou God!” and how we need to hold onto our faith to see us through those times when the answers just always seem close but not close enough to grasp. Thank you for continuing to find the strength to update this blog and share God’s wonderful work in your lives.
    Thinking of you and praying for you all.

  2. Lisa Robertson says:

    Good progress with the sprints and the temp drop. Thinking of you guys as always. So lovely to hear you are getting out and about with Asher Anita – you remind me a little of myself, I prefer to venture out with Grant within arms reach and am nearly always a little nervous when I don’t have him, but it is never as bad as I expected once I get there!!! Imagine it’s even more an adventure in another country! Don’t think we have ever had gorilla’s at Auckland Zoo…. but correct me someone if I am wrong?! Bet they are amazing to see, so huge!!!
    Hope that today and tonight continue to see Aria progressing really well. x

  3. Tina Coleman says:

    Praying that sweet baby girl gets a break soon! oh, to be off the vent would be so GREAT! and praying the infection will be taken care of very quickly!
    love you

  4. Belinda - LF says:

    Yay for Aria! I pray that she keeps on moving in the right direction and gets off the vent really soon, and the intestinal also start soon.

  5. Jen Cato says:

    YES! Oh, this is fantastic news! (claps) We’re all still praying over here for you guys! Gooooo ARIA! YAY!!! :D

  6. Deborah says:

    Wow yay for the great news!! Praying the sprints continue to go well and that the CAT scan result is perfect. Prayers xxx

  7. Nyle says:

    Thats fantastic news….am so glad her temp has come down and that Aria is doing such a great job with the sprints….will be so amazing to have her off the vent soon.

    Sending you both a huge hug…you are doing great.

  8. Carolyn O'Cain says:

    Great news! So happy for Aria and all of you. Continuing to pray, of course.
    In His love,
    Carolyn O’Cain

  9. Lisa says:

    Great progress, here’s lots of wishes for it to continue that way. Thinking of you all often xx

  10. Samantha Sutherland says:

    What a fantastic update! Lots of good news things in it. Aria has slowly been reparing her wee body while you have been worrying so hard for her! Amazing isn’t it. Great news about the cat scan results! You are doing great and I’m sure this good progress will make you feel a bit brighter about everything. Hugs xxx

  11. Jenny says:

    Still checking in daily and hoping that things would keep onwards and upwards with a fully healed GI tract and lungs that work like a marathon runners ASAP!
    God Bless you all.

  12. Shirley says:

    FANTASTIC. Am so pleased she is coping with breathing – will be lovely to have her free from that machine…. she is so amazing to have coped this long…. as are you all. Much love and prayers and hooray for a good cat scan. X S

  13. Jo says:

    Hi guys,
    I have heard of you all through a friend and often read Aria’s Blog. I am a nurse here in NZ. Just wanted to say that even complete strangers are thinking of you all and we all have our fingers and toes crossed that Aria gets off the vent soon and the cat scans is postive :)
    All the very best x

  14. Donna Wallis says:

    great news all round, xoxo

  15. jen says:

    pleasing news
    praying God continues working in your all your lives
    and healing Aria

  16. Judy Palmer says:

    Great news, God is really working in Aria’s life. When she finally is off the vent, her body will have done most of it’s healing and she will feel much better than if she had come off it sooner.Sometimes it is hard for us to believe that He knows what He is doing, but He is the almighty who created every one of us with love and He is healing Aria in His best time (I hope this makes sense). Praying for you all,

  17. Jaime says:

    hiya. i havnt left a msg for a few days but i continue to check up daily. so pleased everything is going pretty close to according to plan. aria is doing so so well!! xx

  18. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    Good news!!! We praise God for these small glimpses of healing!

    Had yet ANOTHER dream about you guys. Except this time I went to NZ for vacation I guess…who knows? I was so sad b/c you weren’t even there. haha Oh….I wonder what all these crazy dreams of mine mean!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!

    “The pain that you’ve been feeling….is the hurt before the healing and the dark before the morning!!!” – Josh Wilson

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