Today brought to you by the words Discouraged and Chippie - Aria MacDonald

Today brought to you by the words Discouraged and Chippie

Deuteronomy 31:8 (New International Version)

8 The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Discouragement would be the word of the day according to the surgeon at rounds this morning.

Aria’s temp, heart rate, bilirubin are all up.  39.3, 150 and 8 are the numbers.  21 is the white cell count which is staying the same which is good.  The infection continues in her little body.

They are going to try some clever things with with her wound to try and get it to drain.  The goal is to avoid the OR.

Right now as I sit here I can’t imagine a time where that bowel doesn’t have a hole(s) and that wound is fully healed.  I can’t imagine starting feeds and Aria being infection free.

Hebrews 11:1 (New International Version)

1Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

The kids got a package today from NZ.  I sat with Asher and opened his which was a book about a lion who likes to be like his Dad.  Hamish sat with Aria and opened hers which turned out to be providential.  Aria received a little book from her mate Chippie.  To this day nothing and no one has made Aria laugh like Chippie the cat has, I think there is a youtube clip of it somewhere.

Hamish read the little story to Aria as she lay and focused on the pictures and nodded and followed along.  Turns out that little book was written in the island paradise that is Waiheke and was about Chippie’s summer adventures.  Aria has visited Waiheke on happy occasions and always had a great time.

Our current situation in cold land locked Omaha couldn’t be further removed from our visits to Waiheke Island with a laughing happy Aria.  This was not lost on us as Hamish read the story, pausing at times to hold back the emotion and clear the eyes of tears.  Just as well he read it, I never could of made it.  I can barely manage to type this without blinking back the tears.  It was something wonderful in the midst of a tough day.

Faith tells me to hope Aria will one day be back to Waiheke Island full and restored, happy and laughing.

Thank you for the hope Chippie and family.

16 Responses to “Today brought to you by the words Discouraged and Chippie”

  1. Lisa Robertson says:

    So sorry to read Aria is having to battle this nasty infection. Being discouraged is plain hard, really feel for you guys. Praying the docs succeed with their plans to fight this without an OR trip. Hold tight to each other, sending lots of love xxx

  2. Lou says:

    So hard for you guys right now! Know that you are loved and always in our prayers. May the Lord give you strength to just face one day at a time in His amazing strength. Wrapping you in prayer right now. Love you guys so much xoxo Lou K

  3. Bill & Delwyn Cockrell says:

    Standing with you in prayer that God will continue his healing in Aria’s body and that this infection will soon clear. Nice to have encouragements in gifts from NZ even if they came with some sadness attached also. Be assurred that you are constantly being upheld in prayer on prayer chains, private prayer and every Sunday service I go to and then many more. Love to you all.

  4. joyce says:

    My heart breaks for you all. All I can do is to continue to pray for you all. May tomorrow bring better news for Aria and the problems taken care of. Stay strong and lean on Jesus for strength. He is ever there with you.

  5. Coralie says:

    I have been following Aria’s story for a while and just keeping informed brings tears to my eyes. I can’t begin to imagine how it must feel for you, Hamish and Asher. Your faith is strong and I believe it will see you through, Aria needs that faith and she is fortunate to have parents and family who can provide it.

  6. Carolyn O'Cain says:

    My heart breaks for you. Will keep praying, of course. God is working and He will do His mighty work in Aria’s little body. Seeking His showers of blessings for each one of you. Isn’t it awesome how the Lord knows just what we need when we need it? He is so good.
    In His great love,
    Carolyn O’Cain

  7. jen says:

    praying that God finishes what He has started and brings Aria out of all this fully restored

    how nice to receive parcels from home

    HUGS I think of you all the time

  8. Bracefield family says:

    Sorry to hear of more bumps on the road. We prayed for you all at Redeemer this morning that Aria infection would go and that her breathing would become stronger. God is our strength and support at these times.
    In Christ

  9. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Thinking of you today and your reminder of home and happier times. hold on to that thought, you WILL make it.

  10. Natalie and Cody says:

    i am praying for you brave family – I am praying for Aria to be free of infection – Its so good that your accommodation needs are sorted out and you don’t have to buy anything yayay and Yay – hugs from us

  11. Ann says:

    May yours and little Aria’s strength continue I will continue to send good wishes and thoughts to your family. Kia kaha, Kia kaha.

  12. Risha says:

    Their is something else that can heel Aria heal much faster, in America its considered alternative medication, so they woudint offer it to you even if the hospital has one , its called Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  13. Viv says:

    I’m usually here most days reading along, finding out how things are going. Yesterdays post of Hamish with Aria really bought out the real human side, instead of the medical one. I don’t “do” God in any form, but I know that prayer really works, so you have mine. I’m thinking of your family, hoping things improve greatly.

  14. Judy Palmer says:

    Oh Dear another 2 steps backward. I can relate to this having gone through it with my husband.It does get better, hang on to your faith and God will answer all your prayers.I pray the infection Aria is fighting will be conquered soon.
    Yours in Christ, Judy.

  15. Sarah says:

    You are not alone and God will bring you through this (you know it but doesn’t hurt to hear again, right? :-) Hang in there for the one step forward, it’s coming. Hold on for the 2 steps back. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful faith. Thanks for sharing your life, struggles and hope in the Lord through your blog.
    Sarah (friend of Lori Hollingsworth)

  16. Shirley says:

    I’m writing this from the exact same chair I sat in when I met you for the first time in the Ronald McD room in Starship 9 months ago…. your story then, as now, encouraged and helped us on our journey. Your faithful love and determination for Aria is awesome…and I continue to pray for you my friend…. from one hospital to another amidst setbacks…. may you know Gods strength today. Much love my friend.

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