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God uses Facebook

****Update**** In consult with the renal team the transplant team have decided to start Aria on dialysis tomorrow morning :(  Still praying Aria’s pee will pick up overnight and avoid this but God’s perfect will be done.

Today the team got more aggressive with diagnosing what is up with Aria’s kidneys.  It has been a very difficult day.

First up I was home with Asher and Hamish spent the day with Aria.  We are quite unique and blessed to have TWO parents involved in the process of having an hospitalised child.  More often than not mum is in hospital and dad is working.  But like all situations there is a downside.  It means that one is home waiting by the phone/computer for updates when the other gets a moment to get to the computer or phone.  Which some days is hard with the endless stream of people.  Today Asher is still spiking temps so obviously I couldn’t take him in and come to rounds.

At rounds they decided a bunch of tests were in order.  There were a lot of different scenarios and none of them good.  A ultrasound was scheduled to check for blood flow to the kidneys, lesions and fluid collections.  The worst one was a contrast study of Aria’s bladder to see if the new procedure mentioned in this post had died and urine was leaking into her.  That meant there was significant damage to her bladder and there would have to be surgery to reconstruct that area and her kidney plumbing.  A very bad outcome.  There was also a blood test for rejection (nooooooo!!!!) and for viruses.

This morning was awful, I just sat on the bed and cried and cried.  Why is God allowing this to happen?  Why were her kidneys working so great last week and now not?  When will she catch a break?  Why couldn’t Asher be well so I could be in hospital to hear this for myself and allow us peace?  I opened my bible to this passage and read it and cried some more, yes I know you’ve seen it on the telly, its what I do.

Asher was safely watching Dora in the lounge so I gathered myself together and jumped on Facebook and email to distract myself quickly.  Yesterday I had a nice chat with Carol who kindly rang to see how the kids were.  We got on to the topic of a second car.  I told her we really are starting to realise more we do need a second car but don’t have the energy to search car yards and the internet.  God would need to basically plonk one in our lap, plus we weren’t sure if purchasing one was the right thing and God’s providing would be the confirmation of that.

So as I sat on Facebook blowing my nose like an elephant an advertisement for a car popped up on my feed posted by my friend Lindsey.  Of course my friend Lindsey who lives just down the road from me and has encouraged me so much thru her struggles and triumphs raising her 2nd daughter with health blessings like Aria couldn’t possibly be selling a car in our price range (very low).  That was too good to be true so I promptly asked her if it was spam.   ‘O thee of little faith’ are the words you are looking for!  Of course it wasn’t spam it was a car in our price range that was an automatic and has run reliably for them the past 5 years and is in good nick.  Perfect!

How good is our God?  Just minutes after crying out to Him He answers my prayers in a way I was NEVER expecting.  Look- He is providing for us even in moments of darkness.

The rest of the day was waiting for tests and pretty hard.  Turns out the ultrasound was perfect nothing remarkable there.  The contrast study was also perfect— MAJOR RELIEF!  The rejection test will be back tomorrow and the viruses will take a few more days.

Aria has cultured another bug in her lung and they have changed her ABX.  There is still hope the kidneys will just start working and perhaps the change in ABX will help.

Our hearts are just broken for our kids this week.  It has been hard to see Asher so down and out with this sickness.  We just don’t have the reserves to cope with normal kid stuff and to watch our bright bubbly boy sick.  We just want Aria to be well and home and happy and have quality of life.  This seems so unobtainable right now but we know ALL THINGS are possible with God.

23 Responses to “God uses Facebook”

  1. Christine MacDonald says:

    Continuing to pray for Ashie and Aria and for an extra helping of strength and peace for you and Ham. Great that the ultrasound and contrast came back good. Praying for the results tomorrow that they will also be good and that the new ABX do the trick with the lung infection. Sending lots of love and continue to uphold you all in Prayer

  2. Lisa Robertson says:

    Ugh it sounds like it has been a tough day…. how I wish that it all were so much easier for you all. Good to hear a few of the tests have come back clear, here’s hoping for more good results tomorrow and those new ABX starting to work along with those kidneys. Sending you all lots of love and hope for tomorrow to be a much brighter day, Lis xxx

  3. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Oh sweetie I am crying with you in support, it is so hard isn’t it. Your heart is already damaged and to be torn between your children is so very hard. It is slightly better to be able to leave hospital and not be there 24/7 and to share it with your lovely husband but the flip side is that you are often separated. I am glad to hear the good results you have had back and will be hoping for more good results from the other tests. You are probably sick of hearing ‘hang in there’ so I will just say that you are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers and I am sending you lots of love and hugs xxxx

  4. Lyaine says:

    I will be praying for you all, there is nothing else I can do but pray.

  5. Cork and Carol says:

    Wow! What a day! (Like many others you have had!) Let us know about the car; we have been trying to think of a solution to that problem….perhaps there is one now. Oh, just praying for you all. Sounds like Asher is still sick? Praying for health for all of you!!!
    Carol for us both

  6. Alison says:

    It all seems too much to bear but I know God wants the best for you all. I don’t understand the mysterious ways of God but He was crying with you this morning. It’s okay to cry and yell and be angry. Just be assured that you are great parents and love and hope will always remain.

  7. Lauren says:

    Oh Anita, big big hugs to you all.

  8. Viv says:

    Hugs to you Anita. I love that your posts are so honest and pray that the next few are posted with better news. Great news about the car, i hope God will answer your prayers about Aria and Asher too. Kia Kaha.

  9. lis says:

    is it possible that Aria got what Asher got while he was incubating it and she is just manifesting it in a different way? perhaps the cause is not as drastic as all that :) all the best ..

  10. chrissy Hallberg says:

    PRAY PRAY PRAY and Pray a bit more XXXXX

  11. Alison S says:

    My heart goes out to you. I can not fathom what you are going through but i can say that ” when we are weak, God is strong”.
    Please know this, you dont have to carry the weight of it all, and God has placed many loving, supportive and prayerful people around you to help you through this time.Continue to release it all over to The Lord and let the Intercessors throughout the world do the rest. We love you guys sooooo much.

  12. Natalie and Cody says:

    I am praying hard that all goes well with the tests and that both children s health improves – Yes you don’t need the extra pressure of ‘ordinary’ burdens at this stage – I am so glad that you ‘found’ a car in your price range Isn’t it great when prayers get answered. I’m sure that The great God is acting in accordance with our individual destiny and that we who are behind the veil (i would love to see heaven) have to hope that our way through this life is one in which does not break us but makes us strong to deal with the battering life throws at us amongst the moments of calm and contentment and if we are lucky joy. Much love and light to you guys
    – sorry for the meandering speech

  13. jeannie overall says:

    I cannot imagine how broken you feel even tho you know God is in all things pertaining to your family-you are after all only human-just wish we could all carry some of your burdons so that you could stand tall and strong again-but we believe our prayers and yours are a joy to the Lord and that he will get you all through each moment-you must wonder how much more you can cope with-only God knows your limitations but we know his-infinite! Be assured you have a huge family supporting you all and praying daily-we are all hanging out for the healing and victory – we cry with you and plead with God to make it all good for you-love from an insistent prayer warrior – Jeannie

  14. Bronwyn says:

    I have to agree with you – facebook IS a very good tool… and sometimes it IS indeed amazing how God uses it for us – I can attest to that. One day at a time dear ones – and sometimes, one moment at a time… God WILL take care of you ALL.

  15. jen says:

    praying for you

  16. Shirley Davy says:

    Right with you my friend. Much love X

  17. Raylene says:

    So hard at the moment. Kia Kaha. God is definately right with you.

  18. Cat Kwocksun says:

    Praying that Asher gets better soon and lots of prayers for our little darling Aria. Hoping and praying there is improvement overnight…Big kisses for both Aria and Asher. I have a unwell child too and I know what you both are going through. God is great…he gave Aria to you both because only you could be the best parents for her. Be strong hun…big hugs xx

  19. iliganoa says:

    God our father is faithful indeed, he will deliver your desires for you all. Praise the Lord in everything, we can only see the results but He sees all and plan all for us. We only know that He is our wonderful Papa and He is faithful to bring Aria and Asher excellent health amen amen amen. Hugs for you all, God loves you we love you (Redeemer Grace church brothers and sisters) and everyone love you – God is before Aria behind Aria all around Aria and inside of Aria amen!!!!!!! Cheer up!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jo says:

    Thank you for letting us hear how you were feeling today. What a tough day. You sound exhausted and desperate for things to turn for Aria and your little boy.

    I want to thank the Lord that Aria is still with us, that she has the most awesome Mum and Dad and little brother, and that lots of people really care about you guys even though we aren’t in the room with you physically.

    I pray you get a sound deep sleep tonight, and there were will some great news for you tomorrow.

    Big hug, Jo

  21. joyce says:

    Just know there are so many praying and asking God’s blessing on your family and the medical team who are tending to Aria’s needs.May he give you the peace and answers you need to hear. God is so good and faithful to us and our trust is in him and his will.

  22. Tiffany Keller says:

    I’m sorry to hear that yesterday was such a tough day for you! :-( I’m praying, that by God’s grace, that Aria will start to pee more, & won’t need dialasis! I pray that the rejection test will come back negative! I’m happy to hear about the 2nd car though! God Bless you!

  23. Nana & Poppa MacDonald says:

    What a day! Praying for you all. Give both the kids a BIG hug from Poppa, that’ll have to do ’til July. At times like this it would be so nice just to be able to give you all a great big hug, so consider yourselves hugged.

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