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Another one!

Another quick update for today, it is late here and we are all a bit tired.

Clinic went well.  Not half as fun as clinic with Dr E but still good.  We had lots of visitors, one of the nurse practitioners from PICU made a special visit down to clinic to see how Aria was doing.  One of Aria’s PICU nurses was floated down to help with clinic and we were really happy to see her, kinda like seeing an old friend or something like that.

Good news is Aria’s kidney and liver numbers are on the higher end of normal.  ”We’ll take it!” I said to the Doc.  Considering she was on dialysis 4 weeks ago and bronze like a statue 3 months ago it is all good news.  As of Monday she is no longer even on a med to help her pee- how amazing is that?  Bloods once a week!  yay!  Her white blood count is strangely high at 33 which is a lot higher than normal, no great answer for that.  Still battling a rash and allergic reaction to something- not sure what that ‘something’ is.  Mmmm But all and all they are happy with her and we will be back in a week.

The GI doc we saw today said it was a real privilege to be the one to see her at her first clinic.  Everyone is so happy.

Next was PT and OT.  Pretty much a disaster.  Hamish, Nana me and Ashie had to leave it was so bad.  She just refused to do anything and threw herself on the floor.  Bizarre!!!!!  This is NOT the Aria I know. :( still they just practised getting to from lying to sitting, she wasn’t getting away with doing nothing.  We have some behavioural issues to deal with with our Miss Aria, it is going to be hard work.  Plus her tired body wants none of this.  BUT we have to work those bones and muscles- she has been sitting around so long a fracture could be next on the list of things to deal with.  Sigh, Poor Sweeties.

21 Responses to “Another one!”

  1. Ali says:

    Great to hear she is doing so well. I guess if she can throw a tanty, that is a fantastic sign!! Sounds like a 4 year old I know :) :)

  2. Lisa Robertson says:

    So so great all is going so well – I know all about how tough behavioural issues can be, but am sure you will be able to help Aria work through these – you guys are moving forward so positively!!
    Love to you all xxx

  3. Lyaine says:

    Aria sounds very much like a normal 4 year old when they don’t want to do what they need to do! I agree if she can throw an tnaty then there’s not much wrong with her at all. Keep up the good work.

  4. jeannie overall says:

    yes i know a 4 year old who acts like that occasionally too! i guess she gets sick of being unwell and just wants to be like her little brother-poor little girl-but God will deal with miss aria’s behaviour-don’t despair-all sounds good and can you look back to even 3 months ago and see the miracles God has done in Aria’s life!!! such exciting news you are giving us all-God bless-love jeannie

  5. anon says:

    Hi, I have a little girl a similar age, and the hard work and patience that is required to get through a normal day is huge!!! Keeping to a good diet/bedtime/having good manners. dealing with a ‘normal’ child is hard work, so add on the extra strain Aria has had, the special attention, the bribing etc. Also, remember the Aria you knew months ago is different to this more mature Aria, one that is more clever, more worldly wise and one that is growing up to be her own person. She wont be that ‘cute and happy little 2/3year old! she is a growing girl who will be off to school in the near future. I guess it must hard to adjust to your new roles as parents of a four and 2 year old, not a baby and toddler. xx

  6. Viv says:

    It’s fantastic to hear all is going great. Aria’s behaviour sounds very normal for a 4 year old, similar to what we have here. I guess it will be a learning curve for you to get used to. I’ll pray that Aria’s physical strength improves :-)

  7. Raylene says:

    It is sounding as if most things are on the improve. Sorry but I smiled at the tantrum she has been thru just so much why not have a tantrum or two? You go girl! Bit hard on you guys but as others have commented not too unusual for any 4 year old

  8. Yvonne RRN says:

    Super to hear the good news. Have to confess I also laughed at the tantrum, surely that was a good workout on its own, using muscles & bones not to mention ENERGY!!!!

    Tape & safety pins…you may be in America but still the good ol kiwi blood flowing thru you….kiwi ingenuity..& what’s more it works!!!

  9. Judy Palmer says:

    Aria has been through so much in her life so far that I think she is entitled to a tantrum or two. Very normal for her age. Praying that God will take care of this problem as He has everything else. Great news on the Clinic front. Blessings,

  10. Fiona says:

    Hi, if Aria ha the energy to throw tantrums that is great, it means she is on the mend!!! All the best

  11. joyce says:

    Sounds like your life is beginning to take the form of the parent of a 4 yr. old.This is what we have prayed for for so long so rejoice and try to bear it.It too will get better and we just rejoice that God has been so good to Aria. Just keep her healthy and the tantrums will work themselves out.I am so proud of you all.

  12. Tiffany Keller says:

    Sounds like Aria is becoming a normal 4 yr. old. :-) I’m glad the clinic went well!

  13. Tiffany Keller says:

    God Bless!

  14. Kathleen & Anita says:

    You are an example to all parents of four year olds who throw tantrums! It must have taken courage to get up and leave the room but that was exactly what one should do! The tantrums are to get attention and lose their purpose when little attention is given. Have you ever noticed that children throw tantrums in shopping malls and public places but hardly ever at home? You are both doing so well. We are proud of you! By the way it takes energy to throw a tantrum so Aria is suprising us with “secret energy!”

  15. iliganoa says:

    Praise Papa amen!!!! thank you for such wonderful news.

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