SleepFUL night - Aria MacDonald

SleepFUL night

Sleepful is not a word, but it is for this post.

Just wanted to quickly update to say Aria only woke ONCE last night at 5am!  No Alarms, only suctioned once cause we thought we should.  She settled back to sleep quickly too after we got what she needed.

She didn’t pull any of her dressings off cause she safety pinned her nightie together- totally did the trick.

Thanks for praying and thanks for the advice.  Not sure why or how she managed to sleep thru the night but hoping it continues.  Thank you!

21 Responses to “SleepFUL night”

  1. Rakete Family says:

    God is good.
    God is good all the time.
    God is concerned with the little things in life as well as the big things.
    God knew your need.
    God answered prayers.
    Now we can rejoice together.
    Praise the Lord!

  2. Lori says:

    Yea!!! Will continue to pray for MANY MORE to come! Love you all….

  3. Lindsey Elsaesser says:

    horray for the power of prayer! PRAYING for more sleepful nights (i think sleepful is a good word) (:

  4. Bracefield family says:

    Praise the Lord for a wonderful sleep.
    In Christ
    The bracefields

  5. Kathleen and Anita says:

    Isn’t prayer a powerful tool! We have a mighty God who cares about even the smallest of His creation. No sleep in the day today (if possible Miss Aria!) and another good sleep tonight.
    Love you lots

  6. Raylene says:

    Yay!!! Well done Aria . Now you know it can happen. Great work.

  7. joyce says:

    Great news. will just keep praying for rest for all. What an experience for Aria to know she was going home-but not the one she knew and had never seen.It is sure not like the ICU she was used to. What an amazing girl to adapt so well Still praying for needs.

  8. Tiffany Keller says:

    That’s great! I’m glad that you had a good night’s sleep last night! I’m glad Aria did too! God Bless!

  9. jeannie overall says:

    well done all of you-lack of sleep is so hard to deal with so i bet you feel blessed out of your sox that princess aria obliged by sleeping thru the night! have a wonderful day/night and expect more comfort from the Lord! jeannie

  10. Lisa Raymond says:

    A good nights sleep by all helps keep the good smiles on faces!!

  11. Joan Marshall says:

    Another miracle – a good night’s sleep. Perhaps one of the other comments has hit the nail on the head – not so much sleep during the day and she needs to sleep at night and if she sleeps, then you sleep!

  12. Martha says:

    Great news! I bet you feel lots better with a little extra sleep

  13. Lisa Robertson says:

    Fantastic! Hopefully this will set a routine moving forward now and you can all catch up on some well deserved rest!!! xx

  14. Lyaine says:

    Pininning the nightie together! hehe. But hey god is amazingwith how he answers our prayers. Praise God,ay things continue to improve.

  15. fiona says:


  16. Nola Young says:

    a wonderful blessing and trust that you will all know many more! I am still adjusting to having to get up through the night with my stuff and then going back to sleep afterwards is the challenge! But its a great time to pray for you guys! We love you deeply and continue to pray to our Almighty God who cares about every part of of lives.XX

  17. Samantha Sutherland says:

    great news – hee hee hope you guys don’t keep waking up on your own now just because you are used to it!

  18. Lois says:

    really good news trusting the Lord for many more nights like this for you all.

  19. Shirley Davy says:

    Wooo hooo! Very cool, will pray it continues… much love…

  20. Judy Palmer says:

    So glad you had a sleepful night. Preying for many more.

  21. iliganoa says:

    Thank you Papa for sleepful nights amen. Praise your Name always!!!

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