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What to blog about?

It is always a hard decision each day as to what to blog about.  Part of me would really like to blog about the frustrations of the day.  There were many.  Including a 5 hour trip to the hospital that should of been an hour max.  And despite many phone calls and conversations we still don’t have a solution to the problem with Aria’s O2 stat machine.  She could be on O2 at night and not even needing it!!!

Regardless during the 5 hours Aria and I did have a really nice time together.  She has really sparkled up since the 2nd transplant.  She is so funny and such a joy to be around. We told her this morning she has a trip to the hospital today and she said ‘Starship!’   Ummmm not quite Aria.  We told her the name of the hospital here is the Nebraska Medical Center.  Not nearly as cool or as kid friendly to say as Starship.

My heart is heavy tonight for two transplant little girls, one we know, Emerson and another we don’t.  It really puts my complaints about life into perspective BIG TIME.   It is 11.30 pm here and I just can’t sleep, terribly burdened with the fact my two precious children are sleeping in the room across from me right now.  Sometime I can’t even believe it is true that God would bless us SO MUCH.

8 Responses to “What to blog about?”

  1. jen says:

    God has been awesome
    Praise Him
    so pleased He has blessed you so much

    and so pleased Aria is sparkly since her 2nd transplant

  2. Jan says:

    Hi Anita,
    I KNOW God has used your situation for other people to say I can’t even believe it is true that God would bless us SO MUCH.

    You are a special lady and an inspiration, and before you deny that, I know you are one ordinary woman from NZ – just like us! You are always so honest, so normal and you wanna loose a few kilos. If I don’t meet you before heaven, I just want to tell you that you bless my sox off! Every day, the first thing I do when I get home, is to log on and see how your day has gone. Your family is on my heart and in my prayers.

    Love you, Jan x

  3. Judy Palmer says:

    I know God has used you via this blog to reach out to a lot of people, some of whom are not believers. You are so honest in what you are feeling whether it’s exultation or despair those people cannot help but be impressed with your Christianity and faith. Those of us who do believe regard it a privilege to support you and your family in prayer.
    Yours in Christ, Judy.

  4. Kathleen & Anita says:

    Praying with you for Emerson and the other wee patient. God loves them as much as Aria and is in total control of every situation. Trust HIM! he really is trust-worthy.
    Give Aria and Asher a big hug from us.
    Love you lots
    Hope your Sunday will give you new strength for the week ahead. Perhaps Aria would enjoy the praise time at church, just for a start.

  5. Lisa Robertson says:

    Years ago after I first started following Aria’s blog, I remember you posting about Aria being in hospital and wondering how any child could ever survive being so unwell – I learn’t quickly that despite how terrible some days were for Aria and how impossible it may have seemed, that Aria’s own strength, the skill of her medical team and the love and faith of her family really can work miracles. It’s hard to even put into word’s how incredible it is now to see Aria doing so well! Such a nana word, but THRILLED just about cuts it!!! You are right, you are so blessed! …. still entitled to find life frustrating at times though!!
    Keeping Emerson and the other little girl in my thoughts and holding lots of hope for them – Aria has shown us it IS possible.
    Love to you all, Lis x

  6. Tiffany Keller says:

    Thankfully, God is in control so He is able to heal Emerson & the other little kid, just like He healed Aria. Every child is special to Him, which includes us. Your family is special to Him! I praise God for the work He has done through your family, through Aria! May God continue to bless your family!

  7. EVE GILKES says:

    I just want to say AMEN to Jan’s letter further up the page.
    She expresses my feelings completely, but has put it so much better than I could have. Thank you Jan, and thank you Anita, Hamish( any Scottish blood there??) Aria and Asher.
    With my love and prayers …… also for those 2 little girls you mentioned Anita.

  8. Nola Young says:

    I am sure it is really hard knowing that these other two little ones and their families are going through very difficult times. Your own experience gives you such a vivid understanding of all the hurt and pain they are enduring. And God will use your empathy to encourage them even as they have encouraged you through all your deep and dark days. It is wonderful to see Aria blossoming but your joy will always be etched with sadness for all the others that the Lord has brought you into contact with. But God is still at work and knows each one’s need. His loving kindness and mercy endures forever.

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