Sitting standing hopping jumping - Aria MacDonald

Sitting standing hopping jumping

Not much to report on the medical side of things this week.  Aria did have some of her hardware (as our nurse calls it) changed this week.  Not a major, just the little plastic bit that help drains her tummy.  It didn’t work so well so we changed back.

 I thought I would take the opportunity to update you on Aria’s physical development.  Obviously with babies there are all these timelines as to when they should sit up, roll, talk, get teeth, speak, go to school, graduate, leave home etc etc. 

Anyway Miss Aria has been thru a lot in her 7 months of life.  She has had three surgeries on her tummy area and hasn’t had the same opportunities to move around being attached to a pump in the early days and still now.  We are also careful as to how we carry her so she doesn’t get the same ‘rough and tumble’ that most kids get.  So she is a little behind in some areas like sitting but advanced with her hand movements.  She is managing to sit up for about 5 seconds and also can roll now from back to front (but then gets arm stuck underneath her) And tonight she found her feet!!  Yup we walked into her room (ok our room) and there she was with her feet in her hands with a curious expression on her face.  Anyway much clapping and smiles and cheering ‘clever girl’ from Mum and Dad.  🙂

 So she is making progress.  We get great support from Starship and I get lots of things to do with her to help her along.  Like most things with Aria, it is all a learning curve for us!  She is teaching us a lot.

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  1. Tunny says:

    Aria is really beautiful – don’t worry about delays in development she will catch up when she gets a chance. My daughter was in hospital for 14 months and when she was discharged she couldn’t sit or bear weight on her legs and she had to have physio and speech therapy. She’s now 3 and started nursery school last week – you would not know to look at her or hear her speak that she ever had delays or spent so long in hospital.
    Glad you found Gifts and are getting to know more kids and parents dealing with intestinal disorders – it really does help to find others in the same boat.

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