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Genes and things

Aria’s DNA has been overseas being testing to find the spelling mistake that cause her condition.  Our hope was that they would find the spelling mistake and that it would prove not to have come from Hamish and I.  Today we found out that it is very unlikely that her condition has come from us.  They found the mistake and the particular mistake in the line of DNA is the first one ever recorded.  For example people with Aganglionosis might have an error at line 200 but Aria’s is in line 933.

They have taken our blood for DNA analysis to check one of us doesn’t have the same mistake but are not expecting to find anything.  It should take 6 weeks to confirm this.

This is great news for us because it means there is only less than 1% likelihood that any future children we might will also have Aganglionosis.  Previously we thought it could be as high as 25-50%.  There is a 3-5% risk that our future children could have short segment aganglionosis/hirschsprungs but that is ok.

With God there is no random events or chances.  But he did make DNA but didn’t intend for it to get spelling mistakes.  As the Dr put it the chance of Aria’s spelling mistake occuring when she was being conceived is one in a trillion!  We are so grateful we don’t have to ask ‘why me’  Psalms says ‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  God knew and made Aria extra special and gave her us to us to look after:) We’re ok with that.


2 Responses to “Genes and things”

  1. Brian and Sandra Ready says:

    Hi Guys,

    That is incredible news. You certainly have been given a very special little girl from above. And a gorgeous one at that!

    Best regards and love as always.

    Brian and Sandra

  2. Sarah Leslie says:

    I am so thankful to God and so happy for the both of you. You have both been an amazing witness to us and to others throughout this all. God never lets us endure more than we can handle… all I can say is that you two are amazing strong and your faith is a real witness. I pray that God will continue to keep all three of you in his loving arms and that He will continue to prove Faithful in His word always.
    Loads of Love
    ps: Anita it looks like you win in the race for results!

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