Tuesday night update - Aria MacDonald

Tuesday night update

Still not much progress at all unfortunately. Aria still has a temp and her little heart is pounding away trying to manage. She is a bit down and tired from the prodding and poking. Lots of finger pricks, x-rays, tummy prodding and other nasty things I will not tell you about.

But she is awesome and brave and we are very proud of her. She still manages to clap herself when we say ‘Good girl Aria’ when she gets thru whatever procedure she just had. As a parent it breaks your heart to see your child suffer so but we try to remember it is for the best to get her well.

The ID (infectious diseases) team are now on the case because she isn’t responding to antibiotics. They have put her on a different antibiotic today and we are praying that it will work. Other than that they have run lots of test for various viruses.

So it could still be a line infection (although no bugs have said hello yet) or a virus. Something is making her sick – but what? We are hoping for answers soon and for Aria to turn the corner.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and support. We are really grateful because it means so much to us. If you have used the contact form we will reply as soon as we can! Thank you 🙂

Wednesday morning update:  No change overnight.  Pretty disappointing and we had hoped the new antibiotic might of kicked in by now.  The mystery continues….

3 Responses to “Tuesday night update”

  1. Michelle says:

    Darling Aria…you are in my thoughts tonight! I have just logged on to check up on you before I head to bed and will be praying that tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a day of answers so that you may soon be on the road to recovery.

    I also pray that your family are able to get some much needed sleep during such a trying time so that they have the strength to support you through what lies ahead.

    Hugs, Michelle and family

  2. Joanne says:

    Our prayers continue to be with you all daily. Praying for strength and wisdom for all the team, and of course healing for dear Aria. Keep trusting and leaning upon Him.

  3. Michelle says:

    Man, tough times! You guys are all such troopers. Are praying that you will get answers soon and in the meantime, that God will surround you with His peace. Love from Dan and Michelle

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