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Good news…maybe

There has been a slight improvement in Aria over night. Her temp has dropped a wee bit and she is a bit more settled. We are hoping this continues.

Today was really busy with a CT scan and a visit from Aria’s doctor who had been at a very important conference presenting Aria’s case. Aria had to go under general anesthetic to have the CT done. This is the 7th time she has been under and it doesn’t get easier. She did really well and was fine. Thankfully that CT scan showed nothing. They where looking for pockets of infections or tears in her bowel. But we still don’t know what is causing the temps.

Anyway we will keep you posted.

2 Responses to “Good news…maybe”

  1. Michael Dixon says:

    just to let you know Adele and i keep an eye on this site, to keep uptodate with whats going on..

    keep your heads up ok ..
    god bless

  2. Dawn says:

    I also keep an eye on this site. I’m glad to hear that she’s a bit more settled and her temp is down nothing worse than a grumpy baby. I’ll be praying she continues to improve and you all get to the bottom of what’s causing this temperature

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