It’s starting to feel like an episode of the TV show House. - Aria MacDonald

It’s starting to feel like an episode of the TV show House.

I don’t know if any of you watch the TV series House but it is starting to feel like an episode of that show. With the Drs scratching their heads still and any number of tests and possible explanations tried and dispatched, we are really hoping that we are in for a happy ending.

The next tests that she is going to have tomorrow are an ultrasound on her heart and a bone scan which is done by injecting a radioactive substance into her veins and then scanning her whole body for abnormal activity in the bone cells.

We got some concerning news tonight from one of the consultants who said that they have reached the point that they are seriously considering taking out the central line that Aria is fed through out as a last resort of sorts. He mentioned Thursday or Friday as D-Day, we are really hoping it won’t come to that as it is a significant move and every line Aria has is vitally important to her long term prospects.

If there is a bright side it is that Aria might be showing slight improvement in her condition. Please pray that the improvement we are seeing is genuine and that things turn the corner before drastic action is taken with her line.

Thanks everyone for your prayer and support, it is great to hear from you and know that some many people are committed to seeing Aria get better.

3 Responses to “It’s starting to feel like an episode of the TV show House.”

  1. Bracefield family says:

    We continue to pray for you all and trust the Lord will lead the doctors to a solution quickly.
    In Christ
    Tony and Sue and Family

  2. Nola says:

    constantly in prayer for you and look to our mighty God to do what we can not. We love you all very dearly and know that our Father in heaven loves you even more. Nothing is outside of His purposes and they are for your good even in the midst of all the pain. Keep your eyes on HIm and ‘do not fear.
    Much love Nola

  3. Dawn says:

    the upshot to the programme house is they always find out what is wrong

    here’s praying that the tests today reveal something and that the hickman line doesn’t have to be removed

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