A wee scare with her line. - Aria MacDonald

A wee scare with her line.

We had a little bit of a scare last night. I was staying the night and at about 2am in the morning her pump starts to alarm because it was occluded (blocked), which is very rare for the type of line Aria has. Between the nurse and I we couldn’t get her line to work properly even after changing the whole set up. Finally we got it to run through but it was a source of real concern because earlier that night Anita had been unable to take any blood out of the line which is also very unusual. We were having visions of saving the line from infection only to lose it to a blockage.

So this morning we got our nurse specialist to come up with a plan to get the line back in good working order. She suggested putting this special substance in the line that should dissolve an blockages that might be in there. She suggested leaving it for a couple of hours and that should solve the problem. So this afternoon we follow her clever plan and ….. nothing. It still didn’t work. So off Aria and Anita go to X-Ray to see if the line had shifted and was blocked for that reason and….. that was fine too, so we were really stumped, again.

Come this evening and I was hooking her up to her TPN (‘food’) and I tried to draw back and “Hallelujah!!” it was working. It was a very great relief and a real answer to a lot of prayer.

Aria’s temperature continues to be down and her spirits up so things are looking promising. Our latest estimate for getting out of hospital and back to home is somewhere between 5 and 8 days. The Drs want to run a full course of antibiotics through Aria just to be on the safe side. So we are left to hurry up and wait.

7 Responses to “A wee scare with her line.”

  1. Sharon says:

    Yikes, thanks for the update. We’re glad to hear that the line cleared up of its own accord. Thinking about you guys lots, and hoping that you’ll all be home soon.

  2. Bracefield family says:

    Great to hear the blockage is cleared. Continuing to pray for you all.
    In Christ
    Tony and family

  3. Maureen and Jan says:

    Aria Sweetheart,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    All the best in the world, darling, to you
    and your devoted parents.

    We love you, Aria. God Bless you abundantly.

    Jan and Maureen

  4. maxine says:

    Hi there i followed a link to your site and wow my heart goes out to you. Your wee angel was born the same year as my son and i just cannot imagine what it must be like. I have my lotto ticket so if i win i know who ill be giving my money to! i have also sent out a link to your site to many of my firends far and wide across the world. my hubby also does websites so ill def spread the word. hugs and prayers going out to you.
    hang in there

  5. ScrubOne says:

    It really strikes home as to your situation when you describe food using a TLA (three letter acronym).

    Our prayers are with you.

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  7. Lyndon Kellams says:

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