Big news and another big event - Aria MacDonald

Big news and another big event

Last night we where proud to attend another fundraising function for Aria. Our churches got together with the organisation of Cathy Tasker and others. Covenant Church hosted a fundraising Cafe for Aria. Yummy food was consumed and generous donations where given. Over $1,400 was raised for Aria!!! A big thank you to all involved whose hard work made it possible.

In other big news Aria is going to be a big sister! Another MacDonald baby is on the way, due beginning of December. We are really happy and excited.

Also you can now donate via text.  Text Help Aria to 469 to donate $3.

16 Responses to “Big news and another big event”

  1. jen says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you all
    Im excited for you
    Im sure Aria will be a wonderful big sister

  2. Lisa says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is awesome news, I hope you are keeping well Anita- good on you guys! That will be so lovely for Aria, little girls LOVE babies!! Good stuff!! We hope Aria is continuing to do great and you have had a lovely weekend!!

  3. Allan says:

    Congrats 🙂
    Sorry I wasn’t able to attend the Cafe last night. Had intended to.

  4. Jess says:

    Congratulations!!! Wow I’m so excited for you. Aria will make a great big sister, and you guys of course will get to be fantastic parents once again to another very lucky little MacDonald. Sending you all my Love and best wishes xxx

  5. Lisa says:

    Cool about the texting to support… i will email my contact list tonight to let them all know!! Hope you are having a great week, feeling fabulous and Aria is continuing to do well!

  6. Lisa Pratt says:

    FABULOUS! Thats absolutely wonderful news…..Aria will love being a big sister! I’m so happy for you guys and think it is fantastic! Hopefully we wont be too far behind with a little brother or sister for Skye…..but we’ll see…..maybe next year….!!!!!

  7. Amy and Sarah says:

    Hi were from Room 20. Great to hear about all the fundraising going on for Aria. We think Arias going to be a great big sister. Before you know i, they’ll be gsaring clothes!!!

  8. Helma Sonneveld says:

    That is wonderful news!!!We are very happy for you. The best gift to any child iis a new baby in the house, Aria will love it.
    Bless you, hope you feel good Anita!
    Love the Sonneveld family

  9. Ali says:

    Hey Anita,

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – Congratulations! You are such an awesome Mummy!

    Love heaps,

    Ali and Marty xoxo

  10. Bonnie McElroy says:

    I wanted you to know about a support organization for the families of children born with all types of anorectal and colorectal disorders, including Hirschsprung’s Disease – Pull-thru Network. PTN has members from all over the world, including Australia and New Zealand. I would like to give you a complimentary membership. Please email me and I will take care of all of the arrangements. The Pull-thru Network website is an excellent information resource and a community where you can connect with other families on the Forum and the chat room.

    I wish you and precious Aria well.

    Bonnie McElroy
    Executive Director
    Pull-thru Network, Inc.

  11. terry clarke says:

    i will like to no if i can help you anita with fundraising if you like i can do meat packs and im daugther would like to help with anita you can ring beverley on 09.2968613

  12. Yvonne says:

    Hi Anita and Hamish
    I am sure that Alex must have told you that we are also expecting our second baby, and my due date is also the first week of December!! how awesome to hear that you are expecting your second bundle of joy!! Congrats to you both. All of the best and lots of love

  13. Dawn says:

    oh hey guys
    congratulations, so sorry it’s so late getting to give my congratulations………. i’m on holiday at the moment, overseas and just managed to check this site.
    glad things are going so well with Aria and i’m sure she’ll be an awesome bigsister, hope things are going well with the fundraising the support is i’m sure is amazing

  14. steve longden says:

    hi. if you have any flyers/cards available,i can place them around a few choice noticeboards where i work+shops etc in Whangaparaoa. cheers. steve.

  15. fengmtjobg says:

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  16. Madeleine Bocker says:

    Sorry to crash your site…I came to it as I am looking for my dear old colleague Steve Longden, from the UK. If this is “our Steve” from York, could you please put me in touch?

    All the best wishes for you anyhow, sounds exciting!
    With warm regards,


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