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Aria Kisses

We went to visit Lara on Thursday, we had a great time. I was so encouraged to see how wonderful Lara is doing after her liver transplant. We when first met Lara she was a beautiful golden girl in need of a gift of life. She got her gift thanks to the kindness of a family who had lost a loved one. What a huge rollercoaster ride the Sutherlands have been on, they are an amazing family.

Aria and Lara had a grand time playing!! Although Aria did manage to whack Lara on the head with one of her toys. Sorry Lara!!! Lara’s big brother Jake was very sweet with Aria too and gave her hugs.

While we were there Lara’s mum Samantha asked me if Aria gave kisses yet and I said no not yet. However while Aria’s Poppa was looking after her on Saturday Aria decided that he should be the first recipient of the much coveted Aria kisses! It was quite sweet! Mummy’s turn finally came today, yay! Daddy has a day off tomorrow when we go to clinic at Starship, hopefully he might get one or two 🙂

2 Responses to “Aria Kisses”

  1. jen says:

    i LOVE little childrens kisses my little one has learnt how to kiss recently too 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Mieke has just started giving kisses as well, but more open mouthed slobbery than sweet…but you are right it is a very heartwarming achievement!! And Hamish needent worry, our kids have all seemed to plaster plenty more on daddy than mummy once the skill is acquired well!!!
    Hope you have a great clinic visit tomorrow and the rest of your week is wonderful! Saw the pic of Aria sconning Lara on Laras webpage! Very cute, what a character!!

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