Hot, hot, hot - Aria MacDonald

Hot, hot, hot

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but little miss Aria is in starship today.

When we got her up this morning she was very toasty so we took her to Starship and they have admitted her.

She is as hot as she has ever been, into the 40’s and not a very happy wee girl.

They have found a bug in her central line, which is bad because it means its probably a dreaded line infection but good because they will be better able to target the bug.

Please pray that Aria’s temperature comes down and the bugs are cleared out of her line nice and quickly.

Aria never fails to amaze us with her strength of spirit, despite being so hot and unhappy she still finds it within herself to give Anita and I laughs as we act like clowns to try and cheer her up. It says a lot about how amazing a person she is that even in these trying times for her that she can still laugh and bring us such joy.

7 Responses to “Hot, hot, hot”

  1. Jodee says:

    I have’nt checked in for ages as Matisse has also been battling a line infection-what is it with these two?
    Anita and Hamish I think of you both daily!
    Aria-I hope this is an easy bug to clear and you get out of there soon.
    Jodee & Matisse

  2. jen says:

    oh no
    Im sori
    praying that Aria’s temperature comes down and the bugs are cleared out of her line nice and quickly.
    hugs to you all

  3. Bracefield family says:

    sorry to hear Aria is in hospital again. Praying for her and you all

  4. Samantha says:

    Lots of love and prayers coming your way. Get well soon little miss Aria. We look forward to seeing your happy wee face next week.
    Keep strong Anita and Hamish, just another bump in the road…

  5. Lisa says:

    Ah drat! Sorry to hear Aria is not well. Will keep you in our thoughts and will be hoping for a super quick recovery from your little trouper! Hope that today brings a drop in temperature.

  6. Dawn says:

    Hey guys,

    here’s hoping and praying for both you and little miss Aria. And that she gets better quickly her temperature down, and i’m praying that they don’t have to remove her centeral line

  7. Stephanie van Garderen says:

    Hi guys and dear little miss Aria,
    Praying for you all for a speedy recovery. Give lots of hugs to Aria for us!
    The Van Garderen Family xxx

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