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Aunty Pole

Yes our house does look like a hospital at times.  We have a pole that hangs Aria’s bag of TPN (her wiggle juice) and her pump.  Photo is HERE

We first brought Aria home for the night when she was 8 weeks old.  The hospital wanted us to have a trial run for the night, not sure why, normal parents aren’t that lucky!  Anyway we didn’t have a pole to hang the TPN on so we had to use a cot hanger and hang it on the drawers next to the bed. 

She was still quite little but she didn’t sleep very well that night and kept looking up.  At the time we thought it was because she couldn’t see her pole and black bag of TPN, it was probably that and wondering why the ceiling didn’t have lots of little holes in it like the hospitals’.  Anyway the next day we were telling her Uncle Paul about Aria missing her pole and Hamish decided it was going to be part of the family calling it Aunty Pole (not sure why the pole is a girl although it looks pretty girlie now)

Aria has been on TPN since the 9th of June 06 (had to run off and find a TPN script to check that date!), 6 days after she was born.  She is used to being attached to a pole, now 14 hours a day. We are used to carrying Aria in one arm and moving the pole with the other, quite an achievment really without banging it into the wall!

2 Responses to “Aunty Pole”

  1. jen says:

    interesting post
    my prayers are with you all

  2. Lisa says:

    You guys put a new spin on the term multi-tasking!! And you are doing a great job at it to! You have a beautiful daughter to show for your efforts, and those efforts are all worthwhile!! Hope all is great for your family and you are all keeping well!!

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