Busy Bees - Aria MacDonald

Busy Bees

The MacDonald family have been busy bees over the past couple of days. 

We celebrated Aria’s cousins Tivoli and Venesio’s 5th and 1st birthday on Sunday.  It was held at the Manukau Live Steamers.  There are little mini trains you sit on and they take you around the park.  Aria had a great time and loved going on the trains with her Daddy around and around.

Monday and Tuesday Aria’s Nana and our new helper Katherine came over to help us spring clean.  Aria’s bedroom is now free of medical supplies.  Previously we used to set up the TPN in her room so she shared it with a big black trolley and all the medical stuff.  It is now is the spare room and packed away nicely in cupboards.

We also had clinic on Tuesday which is always interesting.  Aria has been really well lately and it was nice to see Dr E and Nurse C under pleasant circumstances.  Pleasant being Aria looking happy and well and me not being stressed and grumpy!! 

So today was a quiet one, just Mummy and Aria at home having fun until 5.30 and Daddy arrives home to join in the laughs.  She is really getting to be such fun as she gets older.

3 Responses to “Busy Bees”

  1. Susan says:

    Great to read everything has been going well for you guys! God bless. Susan

  2. Lisa says:

    So great to read that Aria is well and happy!! It is always what I look forward to reading when i check in!! Hope that this week continues to go amazingly for you guys! How long till number two is due?? Hope you are keeping well Anita!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    oHHHH!! I just checked back through posts and see you are due early December!!! Not long to go now, so exciting!!! Aria will be over the moon, and will be able to practice her little mother skills this side of Christmas!!!

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