Disappointment - Aria MacDonald


There had be an air of excitement in the MacDonald Camp these past weeks! Aria was happy and healthy and there is a new baby to look forward to.

Yes I did say Aria was healthy. She is pretty sick again and we are off to Starship ED in about half an hour. She has had high temps early this morning. We have our theory that is it a gut problem, her weird tummy bugs she gets from time-to-time. The last one was nearly four months ago. Still it could be a line infection.

Hamish had a touch tournament for work today that he was really looking forward to but instead he will spend it sitting around for hours in ED. So very disappointing.

I had a busy week planned catching up with friends before the baby comes – even Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday which we are unlikely to make.

But our social calendars pale into comparison seeing Miss Aria hot and miserable on our bed hardly moving. We did manage to get a few smiles out of her, particularly when we brought her fave dolly in!

Please pray for us! At least we know they will be working hard to get us home. Well they always do of course but I doubt they will want a could-have-a-baby-anyday lady on the ward!!

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  1. Susan says:

    praying right now!

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