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Home again!

We got home yesterday arvo!  So great to be home!  Turns out it was a urine infection which is slightly strange but much better than a line infection.

This week was to be a busy week for me and Miss Aria.  Lots of friends and tasks to complete before Baby Number 2 turns up.  It is a tricky balance between trying to recover from 4 days in place that sucks the energy out of you and still wanting to do all the things we planned and not let it get the better of us!!

Anyway- funny story.  One of the kind nurses put this mattress cover thing on my bed.  It turned my hard hospital bed into a fluffy cloud!!!  Wonderful!!  Anyway at 11pm on the night of sleeping on the cloud I buzzed to ask why Aria’s 10pm antibiotic hadn’t been done.  Turns out I had slept thru it!!  The nurse said that she had tried to be extra quiet so I could sleep.  What a great job she did.  Thank you Fiona and Tracey.

Hospital life is hard and draining but we are encouraged by the care and attention we get. They don’t just treat Aria and do a great job with her but also care for the family too. Isn’t that great?

3 Responses to “Home again!”

  1. Lisa says:

    It is wonderful to hear that you get taken care of by such lovely staff at the hospital, sound like you must have really needed the sleep, hope you catch up on any lost sleep now you are home!!
    Wonderful news to hear that Aria is doing well and back at home, urine infections are nasty little things, but as you said, so much better than a line infection! Take care, enjoy being back at home again, rest, and keep smilin!!

  2. Dawn says:

    Here’s once again all our thoughts and prayers from accross the ditch. Here’s hoping that your run until baby number 2, is smooth and free from hospital admissions.

    Hope you guys get done what you need. look forward to hearing some baby news soon

  3. Trish says:

    Good news congrations trish

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