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Aria and Asher

Lots of people have asked us what Aria thinks of her new little brother.  So far so good!  We brought him home and within hours she was giving him kisses.  We have added a photo HERE and one of the little man himself HERE.  She seems to be quite taken with him.  She nods and smiles when you ask her if she would like to kiss him.  Today she asked to hold him but then got a but freaked out when the moment came for him to actually sit on her lap.  Still we are happy and proud of her for how loving and caring she has been.

Asher is doing really well, I don’t think Hamish mentioned his weight but he was 4.51 kgs or 9 pounds 15!  A big boy.  He is feeding well and we are getting used to being second time but first time parents.

Over the past week there has been the inevitable reflection on how different the journeys have been with Aria and Asher.  There was much pain and confusion in the first 2 weeks of Aria’s life and much more to come after that!  What she endured and has endured and will endure breaks our heart yet we must cling to the hope and promise we have that we do not suffer in vain.

 Thank you for your continued support.  Please keep checking in on us.  We might take some time out over the next couple of weeks to enjoy our children and this christmas time.  In the new year hopefully we will have details of Aria’s transplant timeline.  So stayed tuned!!

4 Responses to “Aria and Asher”

  1. Brian and Sandra Ready says:

    Hi Guys,

    WOW! What a beautiful child and how lovely they both are together. Congratulations and may everything go well.

    Lots of Love

    Brian, Sandra, Nicole and Megan

  2. Samantha says:

    I love the photos and I’m not surprised Asher is so big – you were huge when we saw you on the saturday before his birth!

    I’m sure there will be a lot of reflection for you as you look back on Aria’s welcome into this world and compare it to Asher’s. It’s hard not to compare the two, but you cannot change what has happened and there is such hope for Aria. I cannot stop thinking how lucky we all are that our babies can have transplants to save their lives. I’m pretty sure that, as hard as this journey is, it is infinately better than burying your child. (And you know I don’t say this lightly, having been so close ourselves).

    We love you guys and are just so thrilled that you have the chance to experience parenthood in a different way with Asher. Hope you get some sleep and have a relaxing christmas break as a family. xxx

  3. Lisa says:

    Asher is every bit as gorgeous as his big sister!!! I am so thrilled to hear that all is well, what a great size he was!! Have a wonderful Christmas together, now a family of 4!!

  4. C Hill says:

    WOW – what a beautiful baby boy. Am touched by your story. I want you to know that there are many people who are supporting you and your cause to get the best medical treatment for Aria. God Bless you all. How can we find out how we are doing with the saving? I have donated already and would love to know how far we have to go.

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